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Not all distances from London were measured from Charing Cross - A quick Google finds references to Hicks Hall in Clerkenwell (for the Great North Road), and three sites in the City: St Mary le Bow (for the road to Lewes), the London Stone in Cannon Street, and the Standard in Cornhill

If you're interested in why Charles got himself executed (quite a feat of incompetence in that era), I strongly recommend Geoffrey Robertson's The Tyrannicide Brief. It's a biog of the lawyer who led the prosecution but its author is himself a leading international lawyer and has first hand knowledge of the connection between the trial and modern war crimes trials.
I was also photographing the event - wish I'd bumped into you!

Cheers! Another date for my London diary, next year!

Remember seeing the wreath laying in Patrick Keiller's film London, shot about 1991 I think.

Another bit of trivia - if you look at the clock face at horseguards facing Whitehall, there's a black ring on the number 2 which marks the time that Charles I was executed.

We fell across this on Sunday after London Walks walk. Very interesting, including the big bearded English Civil War Society warden smoking a pipe.

It was quite a large parade - the size of it surprised us. Well done to the Civil War Society for being such an enthusiastic bunch of people.

The precise anniversary of Charles's execution will go unmarked this morning

Not quite. Acts of commemoration are held at the statue in Trafalgar Square by the Royal Stuart Society, and at the Banqueting House by the Society of King Charles the Martyr.

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