please empty your brain below

Maybe he/she/it/they read(s) the comments too. Personally I'd be delighted to manage someone so diligent, focused, payer of great attention to detail (carries on listing positive appraisal words.) And I'd pat myself on the back and keep quiet.
Why would you rather your colleagues didn't see you that way? There's no point pretending to be someone you aren't.

There's no shame in being an inquisitive geek. Just because your colleagues spend their weekends getting drunk and watching Strictly doesn't mean that's the right thing to do, even if it is seen as "normal" by many people.

There's plenty more people who would respect you more for being honest, and admitting how you really are, me included.
I know I'm not alone in this but your blog inspires me to "Turn off the television and go do something interesting instead"

No apologies please,


What do you tell your work colleagues when they ask you what you did at the weekend?

Surely you tell them you watch Strictly to completely throw them off the scent?
I just hope that your boss isn't:

1) fond of sending PR spam to bloggers
2) in charge of design of "next train" tube indicators
3) cat lover

Just kidding.

PS It's pleasure to read your blog, as always.
PPS I am NOT your boss
It's OK DG, I won't tell the rest of the office or give you a bad appraisal, but please let me authorise all that you blog from now on. It's in the small print of your contract.
Adopt a kitten. Wax lyrical with photos on your cube. Maybe that will throw them off your scent?
It's OK to have a double life, it that's your choice. I cannot easily imagine, for myself, wanting to do this. When I was a software designer, who drove trucks and buses in his spare time, I told anyone who asked. That was my choice. But privacy is privacy, and your boss (if she does suspect) is still respecting it, even if she has wobbled near the line. I suspect that you may feel under pressure because some other double-lifers do something reprehensible in their spare time. For avoidance of doubt, being DG /is/ /not/ /reprehensible/. In fact some of us here think it's rather wonderful.
(By the way, I think your coin should have been a dice. Fewer bosses are female, though I don't know the actual statistics). (By another way, I wonder how many other bosses, in addition to - or instead of - yours, are now wondering which of their staff you are).
I've gone the opposite way. I'm wondering if you are My boss.

But i'm very much with you about Privacy and home/work separation. It is a line in the sand for me, and I know it is one that has cost me in the past for keeping so strictly to. And which in this connected age is much harder to achieve
I'm curious now as to whether *anyone* has ever put two & two together and connected you with your blog? I've twice had people ask 'are you Disgruntled?' and while I've made much less effort to keep anonymous, it was always rather disconcerting

*waves at boss*
Own up DG, your day job is being The Stig, isn't it?
Your boss is suddenly "he" in the smallprint.
I've had a few people ask me whether I am DG and write the blog! For DG's peace of mind I clearly am not. I think we are similar in a number of ways but I don't possess his unerring curiosity about so many things nor has talent for writing.
What if I know your boss and I accidentally let slip some interesting nugget is to be found on this blog?? Or, I just pass on the info, or ...or....or...a media type uses the info and there you all but in name (TV, radio, newspaper....)
It shouldn't make an ounce of difference. You chose to make your 'diary' public. It amuses me that you are so like Mr Wainwright.
I suggest you find out which tube station your boss uses, and then ensure that one day they just so happen to bump into you there while you are in the process of assisting someone with a pushchair up some steps.
That'll throw them off the scent!
Mr Wainwright? Is that as in Summer Wine, Grapes of Wrath, or Perfect Strangers? Or someone else?
....and I always imagined you as self-employed.
@B: DG *was* on the radio once, a few years ago. I remember listening to him on Radio 4's Listen Again slot. But it was only available for a week.
PS. It was Radio London, see Jan 13th 2007.
Great post; great comments. I used to wonder if I'd ever seen DG when I lived in the E3 'hood...
I say it was the Olympics.

If you've really never once logged into Blogger when at work, you have better self-control than I do.
I am not your boss, but it was a privilege to meet you in person in August : )
I'm curious now as to whether *anyone* has ever put two & two together and connected you with your blog?

Oh yes. My parents worked it out ten years ago (in fact ten years ago tonight). Thankfully that worked out rather well.
Keep up the good work. Love reading your blog
I can't let this pass without comment: it has been on my mind all day.

My blog is a mixture of "work" (I'm a mathematician) and "leisure" (walking, poetry, music, what have you). In fact, my partner (who doesn't read my blog, she says I blog at her on the sofa) has more than once accused me of being Diamond Geezer, something I have to reluctantly deny. (DG is one of my heroes; we've never met, although he lives just down the road.)

Not so long ago, the science journal Nature had an article about academic blogs. It included lots of advice which filled me with horror: tell your boss about your blog and encourage her to read it, being the relevant one here.

And finally, work-life separation? Not in my line of business. The most important part of my work is dreaming up new mathematics (almost literally - often I go to bed thinking about a problem, and if I get lucky I wake up with a solution. Better mathematicians than me have had the same experience. In any case, it is far too much fun to simply stop at 5pm.
Well, I've met you. That was how I connected you and the blog.
These posts are my favourites.
The comments make me laugh.
Great Auntie commented that dg had been on the radio. As far as I recall he was on BBC Radio 4 in March 2009, the programme was called "Open Country" and it was about the development of the Olympic Site in East London
But we know that DG has access to statistics about visitor numbers to his site, so it's also likely that he canmonitor the IP addresses of these visitors and so could obtain definitive proof. Assuming that the boss and co-workers visit the site during working hours, of course, and that you really want to know that they do!
Yes, I heard DG on radio, and @Malcolm - "Mr Wainwright" as in the famous walker/author/publisher.
I think it is absolutely OK to compartmentalize one's work life and one's private life. At work one is required to perform some duties and play some roles. Outside work one is free to pursue whatever interests one has, and they are nobody's business but oneself and whoever happens to share them.
Then that's one of the great things about the Internet, the option of remaining anonymous - if I'm not selling anything why should I advertise myself?
Totally up to you of course.

But if your boss sees you as a more interesting and three dimensinal person than the other folks in your office, can that be a bad thing?
I am not sure I understand the rationale but I do hope the Boss reads the comments as it is corker of a blog.

The Boss should read the entry on the Stapler Graveyard which is stuck in my brain as a classic DG entry. But Boss- for all our sakes and especially the creator's-please don't mention it and don't even look at him with a knowing look!
The small print caused me to laugh out loud - very clever.
I am DG.

No... I am DG.

No... I am DG.

Shut up you lot - get back to work - The Boss

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