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London is blessed with a multitude of free attractions but I always think of The Tower as the best of the paid attractions and would regularly recommend it to tourists visiting London. I haven’t been for a number of years but I do feel a trip is due.
Did you see Suella when you were in the Tower?
Haven't been for years but would be interested to go again- how much to borrow your gas bill?
Not been since childhood. Really must cough up the money to go again!
This has made me want to visit the Tower again. I remember almost none of this from my visit 35 years or so ago
Somebody needs to tell the ticket office you don't need a library card. I turned up with my family a few weeks ago with photo id and proof of a Tower Hamlets address and was told to naff off.
I showed my library card at the ticket office yesterday and they told me I didn't need it.
By request, I took a family member to the ToL on a winter weekend Sunday shortly pre-Covid.
I was less than enthusiastic at the thought, but found it had so much more than I remember from a teenage visit in the mid-70s.
We spent +4 hours there, exploring each and every nook and cranny. It was good exercise, and really interesting.
Befriend a Beefeeter. Yeoman Warders Club is wonderful. Cheap as well. Still got my club book of matches, but cannot remember if they sell Becks.
We love the Tower! Entrance used to be included in CSSC membership but they swapped it for Kew Gardens. (Not a good substitute)

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