please empty your brain below

That is fascinating historical information to me. And I have never, ever been the first to comment on a post!
This is fascinating. I’d not realised that UK had already tried permanent summer time for several years, and I’ve never heard anyone mention this! What were our European neighbours doing during this time? Did this create a time border across the island of Ireland?

Super pedantic comment. The European Union didn’t exist in 1980.
So in 1945 the clocks went forward once, back twice; and in 1947 twice in each direction.

What a palaver!
I didn't realise it was only 'set in stone' so recently either.
All sounds a bit wibbly, wobbly before then!
I remember the 1968-72 shift. Winter was not enhanced by going to school in the dark and I was glad when they stopped it.

Germany hung on to putting the clocks back in the last week of September until the mid-90's

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