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It ran right past my flat when I was in Sydney. It was as boring as shit. Basically I was annoyed by the thwakka thwakka thwakka of heavy duty choppers for about 45 minutes, irritated by the schoolboys across the road doing a Haka (and they were not even Maori). I could hear cheers and then it was all over apart from the litter. I did see it, could hardly miss it, but I have only vague memories because it was so ... dull.

Pointless pedantry: You want the A3, not the M3, to get from Guildford to London.

That's freaky. I read this insightful, interesting and illuminating {geddit?} piece, and the only thing I wanted to comment on was that it's the A3 and not the M3 to get from Guildford to London. Better pre-empt it with a 'sorry i'm being a pedant, but...' - and then clicked on the comments and found that someone else had beaten me to it. Grr.

I used to live in Guildford.

According to announcements made in February, the torch will be taken from Hampton Court to the Olympic Stadium by river on the opening day - probably all we will see of it in most of the riparian boroughs. But according to the new list, it will spend the previous night halfway along that course, at Westminster.

That, along with the double-booking on July 20th, makes me wonder whether it is correct to refer to "The" Flame - I think there will be at least two.

"so that the torch can be rushed up the M3 to central London"

I think you mean A3.

I trudged 2 miles through the snow, trying to push a double buggy and with a baby in a back carrier, with my older kids school, when it came through my city in 2002 for the Winter Olympics. All I saw from behind the mass of heads was the briefest glimpse, and the 500+ school kids didn't even get to see that much!
So don't hold your breath!

I mean A3, obviously.

(sigh, three comments about the post, three comments about my error)

Evening Standard says that the torch will do the boroughs rom outer London in towards the middle - sort of spiralling in over the six days.

There, dg, the score is 4-3 now: is that better!

I got a bit disenchanted with the Olympic flame years ago when I discovered there was more than one. Doesn't seem quite right somehow.

I would have thought what with all the concerns over climate change surely you shouldn't keep a flame burning using all that gas. What we need is a new Olympic low energy lightbulb.

According to an article in the BBC magazine yesterday, the torch relay as we know it, wasinstigated by the Nazis in the 1936 Berlin Games!

I found the whole map of the route press releases surprisingly complicated.

Lots of separate fragmented maps. Magnified areas with names of places quite dissociated from the pointers. Complicated download processes via Getty Images.

Is it all somewhat over-committeed?

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