please empty your brain below

I maybe being a fool here, but how has the the Jubilee line stopped connecting with all the other lines?

OK, I was being dumb. I see what you were saying now. I'll go back into my cave now.

Wapping is still the only station which has no letters in common with the word 'lobster'.

I believe that although they have closed the line they haven't closed the stations although they closed some of the ticket offices in the final week. So if I am correct they are keeping the stations open with minimum staffing so that you can buy an expensive ticket from a machine for a grotty bus journey.

I always think that this is a bit unsatisfactory and it would be fairer to allow Oyster on replacement bus services in London. After all if they are providing you with a bus they should be charging you the same is if you travelled by bus.

Re-reading the literature I am not so sure about Wapping station remaining open. I understand ticket office to mean an office with a window where a person sells tickets to the public but I think LUL has started using it to mean an entrance to a station. This is similar but not quite the same as what I would have called a booking hall. If the stations are closed then why don't they say that rather than say that their ticket offices are closed ?

Pedantic of Purley - All ELL staff have been transferrred as of today to elsewhere on the Underground.

The stations are all closed now, there is no access for ticket machines etc. Have had 2 pain in the arse journeys from Rotherhithe already. RIP ELL!

Is the London Borough of Hackney served by the London Underground? I was under the impression it wasn't...anyone know any better?

Manor House station on the Piccadilly line is just, periforally, in Hackney.

As are some bits of Old Street.

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