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Good morning, thank you for that breath of sea air! I did enjoy it, I’ve never been to Felixstowe. 👍🏻
Another nugget is that Felixstowe is part responsible for Trinity College Cambridge’s fabulous wealth - they have more than all other Oxbridge colleges combined.

Trinity College bought the land where Felixstowe port is in the 1930s and developed the entire container port.
Used to visit often as had an Aunt there.
Never though it a particular interesting place.
Still has its original 1937 cinema building although altered inside.
You remind that I must get to the coast. Last time was a summer stroll from Clacton to Walton on the Naze - v enjoyable and informative along the way!
Wallis, not Wallace.

dg writes: fixed thanks.
I can confirm that Felixstowe is as nice as you describe. I stayed there as a child in the fifties, in a guest house where I was told to call the landlady Auntie Ester. She later gave me a wedding present. My sister's pram was taken on to Norwich when we changed trains in Ipswich. A few years later our prewar car overheated near Trimley and an AA patrol supplied us with water. I have been many times since.
Thanks for this delightful look. I’ve not been since before Covid, so I’m hoping very much that both the secondhand bookshops have survived. Sadly the Belgian chocolate restaurant closed down some years ago. The port is mesmerising and it takes me a while to adjust to the scale of it all.
Summer service to or from Harwich on the ferry enables a round tour on bus and or train via Manningtree, or stop at Mistley for swans and ice cream. F’lixstowe’s a gem.
I doubt there's a more provincial nightclub name than Chuffers anywhere in the UK. It sounds dreadful
Much nicer than I was expecting. Must visit one day.
Dan - thank you for this snippet. I had no idea. How very perspicacious of them!
Had the DG of now been living less than 15 miles away, he'd surely have visited. But that the DG of then who did live less than 15 miles away didn't visit - that's the enigma that is our beloved DG.

dg writes: never risk a surely.

My parents moved to Felixstowe recently. It’s nice enough. Better than some of its neighbours and helped by its proximity to Ipswich.
Thanks, I’ll definitely visit in Spring. I can watch ships for hours, and probably will…
I want a night out in Felixstowe that finishes up in Chuffers.
"this places Felixstowe well below Southwold but comfortably above Lowestoft"
Having never been to Felixstowe, but having been to both Southwold and Lowestoft for the first-time this week I have to agree with your implied assessments of Southwold (lovely!) and Lowestoft (really run down, saved only by Ness Point (but not its environs))
A very interesting read, and I'm resolved now to visit at an early date. I'm trying to find info on the foot ferry though, which seems a little hard to come by.
Reminds me, a year ago watching John Rogers' visit to Orford Ness, I planned a similar visit this year. Hopefully that is where you are today. Great time to visit, access all areas, when the ground nesting birds are not.
Sadly, Google has Chuffers as 'permanently closed'.
For information on all the Suffolk Coast foot ferries try here.
My sister went to boarding school in Felixstowe. Her headmistress was literally called Miss Manners. You couldn't make it up.

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