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Its a conundrum: why run half empty buses when your budgets are enormously stretched? However fewer buses means fuller buses which isn't great for the social distancing required by an increasing C19 infection rate.
Whilst I take the point, by its nature no announcement is silent.
Time after time, the most important thing to passengers in all land transport modes (sea and air are different) is frequency. Fewer buses are disincentives to travel, and reduced chance of getting on a bus when it arrives. Local sections of trunk routes in Hackney are now rammed - "hanging out of the windows" in old parlance - especially at mid-day to and from shops.

Vulnerable people won't wait longer - to feel safer they will spend money they can't really afford for a safer means of travel, as will people waiting in the rain or other bad weather. If we are genuinely looking after women and other vulnerable travellers, cutting buses won't achieve it.

Empty buses fill up as long as people know they are there, and coming. The other problem is a lack of drivers - sadly, without the cuts some of those buses cut would not have run anyway.
A few of these routes are going through a second round of cuts, for example the 16 in August 2018, 27 in November 2019, 42 in October 2017, 49 slightly in January 2020, 253 & 254 in August 2019.

But having said that, if fewer people are using the services, what justification is there to spend money maintaining the frequencies.
Cutting central London bus frequencies was planned, even before the pandemic, which has become a good cover for cuts

With reduced frequencies, all it takes is one cancellation to leave a massive gap
Really important to highlight this thinning out of service, thank you. We’ve now almost completely lost that dense frequency on key central London streets. Old videos from the 60s show how a stream of routemasters provided a real alternative to the tube. If the tube service is disrupted for any reason, we now have no real back-up. TfL need to rethink how they use the assets under their control to keep the city moving.
Six additional November cuts added:
21, 76, 87, 91, 92, 242

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