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Easily the saddest month unblogged. Thanks for giving the rest of us a sense of continuation by keeping the blogging up.

Hope that you and yours remain well.
28. Collections of recycling cancelled in Bromley, so the stack of paper, plastic and bottles is growing!
26 - a reminder of how good it used to be, compared with the ideologically driven dross of Dr Woke, but then Marvel (who do stuff like Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk) went one better by introducing five new characters, including 'Safespace' and 'Snowflake', then there is 'Screentime' who inhaled 'internet gas' (yes really - but don't laugh or criticise as you'll be labelled on Twitter as a fascist/pro Trump).
22. Haven't stood on the scales yet but I feel thinner. We didn't get the chance for stocking up for an Antarctic expedition like some. Seeing posts on social media about how they are overeating now because they are bored. Tough!

20: Snap! Right with you on that one, Radio 6 Music now the default start to the day.
25: Thank you so much, you have made my day with this link.
Keep well!
3 Overdone the peanuts.
22 Lost weight.
I was wondering what might be the effects of peanut excess. If weight related than at least this was has’d in less than three weeks.

If our Society is still functioning in 350 years’ time, and if your blogs are magically preserved, I feel that this unblog might be as valuable an account as SP’s account in 1666. But then this is the kind of musing that seeps through my mind in wakeful times of the night.
11 (and several others): I can't help feeling that if the powers that be who we trust to deal with these things hadn't let us stay in the "slightly nervous and washing our hands more but basically carrying on as normal" stage for so long, things wouldn't have got nearly as bad as they now are.

20: Ditto for 6 Music, though the understandable increase in pre-recorded shows is a pity as you don't get the same interaction.
14: Locked down a week before Boris, went through the not sleeping starting about a week ago, have since made some plans on what I can acoumplish during lockdown, some practical, some less so such as simply watching a TV series. It helps, last night was my best night's sleep in a week. Good luck...
8. Walking a different canal, on a different day I crammed the last 2 sections into one (10 miles) to get it finished before being forced inside. Still have one of the blisters, 2 weeks later!

19. Unbelievable! 11 dozen! My last shop was on the 27th and thankfully the lockdown has given shops a chance to restock.

22. I lost 3 lbs but sitting on my backside for a week has put it back on again!

26. Didn't know about Dr Who as I rarely turn the TV on, so thanks!

28. Didn't put my garden waste bin out as I didn't know if last years collections were still happening.
Got the new bin sticker through the post and the next day an email saying this years collections (due to start in 2 weeks) has been cancelled!

31. So many cancelled plans. Such a shame.
If you fancy a stroll DG, Canary Wharf Tesco is well stocked and very quiet...

Also Canary Wharf is post apocalypse levels of deserted, it's rather creepy!
20. Yay for Radio 6!
While phone calls, texts, email, conferencing, social media etc cannot fully replace f2f interaction, they have, for many people, become an important way to maintain mental wellbeing.
23. I had a consultation with my doctor this morning by phone. It was a routine one as he monitors my PMR. He must have a crystal ball as he brought forward the 6 monthly blood test due in April to the beginning of March. All was OK and he recommends reducing the prescription of medication for the PMR.
He gave me another appointment to be held by phone for 28th April which I told him was the day after my 75th Birthday. My doctor’s advice - don’t get so drunk that I miss his call!!!
16: Used my daily exercise yesterday to walk from my home in Cricklewood to Golders Hill Park, where the tulips are in resplendent bloom in the walled garden. A veritable oasis in these depressing times.

22: I've lost a few pounds too, probably due to the fact that I've not been popping out to the Off Licence to buy beer, which i do not consider to be an essential journey.Carrying the beer back from my local supermarket is not an option either,as they would be too heavy to carry on top of the other groceries.
19: what would you do with eleven dozen eggs ?? ... brings back memories from my early childhood of my mother painting the eggs with waterglass to preserve them ... or maybe this lady was going to pickle them
25. Thank you! I'd completely missed these coming out, and it's absolutely made my day!
25th - another thank you for this link, brilliant!

28th - was the waste strike noticeable in your bit of the borough? We didn't have food waste or recycling collected for 3 weeks, thus adding to the building feeling of dystopia days before the actual lockdown. Apparently the entire fleet of 40 vehicles was vandalised, allegedly as part of an industrial dispute. Relieved that common sense prevailed and collections restarted last week.

Thanks for continuing to blog, we all appreciate it.
19. My housemate bought five dozen eggs a couple of weeks ago, and between all six of us we've almost finished them with over two weeks left on the use by date. Wish we had a few hens.
10. Definitely a souvenir, rather like having a copy of a morning edition newspaper from 11th Sept 01.

13. Yay for Wagon Wheels!

17. I'm glad to have a plethora of corner shops, er, around the corner, much as I take my hat off for those keeping the supermarkets going.

24. It's less than a month since I went to a trade exhibition at ExCel. Seems like a different era ago now. The Nightingale is impressive, and gives me the reassurance that behind the government there seems to remain some good old fashioned / solid Civil Service who can swing into action really effectively, and who care for the nation.

31. The vanishing engagements diary is partly being replaced by video conference versions. Not quite the same, but still most welcome for passing a sociable hour or two.

31 supplemental. A first essential journey. After 10 days of working form home, there has come a moment when the only option is to physically switch the computer server (that feeds people holed up in several counties) off and back on again. Cycling across Central London feels a bit like a trip through a StreetView version.
16. Returned home from a very rare drink after work with colleagues, and got a ticking off from Boris for doing so.
29: Went out for a run at 10pm on Sunday. Streets were cold and eerily empty. In half an hour, there were just a handful of cars, one ambulance, one police car, and one pedestrian with a dog (together on the other side of the road). All the pubs were closed, of course, but many of the houses were darker than usual too. People going to bed earlier? Perhaps we should look for a bump in the birth statistics in December.
24.As have I,this both reassures and scares in equal measure.
23. I had to go for my annual blood tests today and since the surgery couldn't do it had to go to the hospital in Ascot. What better way than to do it by train, not done since my trip to the Lea on March 13th. Social distancing in luxury. Just a couple more got on the train (8am, normally rush hour) and I had the whole of the quiet carriage to myself. Passing Ascot Race Course a big poster for their May Fair, some hope. Had to wait for an hour when I got there though waiting for the to open up. I expect they will stop our trains, they can't carry on running them totally empty.

Looking forward to your April summary..
Another yay! for the heads-up on 26. Off to investigate!

Stay well.
19: Gross, well almost.
31. Eek, Londonist is going into prolonged hibernation because "the institutions and events that keep us going as a business are largely on pause right now". Unthinkable.
9. Unable to celebrate my own 55th birthday on Mother's Day with either the parent who shares the same birthday or the one for which the day was named.
Possibly the dullest birthday I have ever had.
5th - last day trip to London, last time I caught a train.

13th - last time I travelled by bus.

Watching them go through the village they are almost all empty, and the services are being cut back. Question is will they return in full when this is over, as they are a lifeline for many older people in the village.
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