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An interesting ceiling in your gallery photograph with wiring and pipework etc. all on display
Thanks for the tip. Managed to nab a pair of tickets.
I’m going today, and looking forward to it even more keenly after seeing these pictures.
Isn't the Emley Moor transmitting station the tallest building in the UK?

It is certainly the tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom (there are three taller guyed masts).

I suspect the answer to this will depend on the definition of what a building is or isn't.
I referred to the Wikipedia ‘List of tallest buildings in the United Kingdom’.
You could add the 40th floor of Heron Tower to your list for the cost of an overpriced breakfast. One of the options is open 24/7 so I've had a 5am summer breakfast there when it's empty enough to have a look around.
Somebody needs to go out onto the roof of Tower 42 and give it a good tidy up.
It's not a competition, but...finally a London statistic in which I'm levels above you. I didn't think it was possible!
The erstwhile icon of Tower 42 is the chief point of interest for me, being of a "certain vintage". The bank logo profile is a revelation! Overall, fantastic to see such a panorama - the 10 tallest buildings being the only blot on the horizon, in my view.
Ohhhh that's why it's called the NatWest Tower.
I'm left wondering how much longer The Shard can carry on with charging, except possibly as an incidental activity with the restaurant and corporate events as their main operation, or for last minute bookings of which they see to have plenty, although their booking calendar doesn't seem very good at indicating available slots. They still claim to be "almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in the capital" which may get them into trouble before long.
Ha, I see what you did there - took until the "Shakespeare Tower at the Barbican - peanuts" before I noticed!
Have tickets for next week. Really useful tips, thanks.
Just hope I'm not working or viewing in any of these Towers when our 9/11 happens. Did we learn nothing from the Twin Towers event!
I visited on 5 October, at 5 pm. I was interested to hear one of the staff say to another 'Don't let in any more walk-ins.' A member of staff explained that at times up to 40% of the booked slots aren't being used by the people who booked the slots, and as a result they let in casual visitors without a booking. 'But people are catching on' they also said, so don't rely on getting in without a booking.

I recommend taking binoculars. With them I could watch planes landing at Heathrow, amongst many other things.
Thanks for this post - I read it at the time, hopped onto the website to secure tickets, and enjoyed sunset yesterday from (the top) viewing gallery. ;-)

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