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No comments?

*No* comments?

The tiles are a joy on the Piccadilly line!
The post's only been up 20 minutes :)
Flickr's clearly having problems - every time I click on one of the links I get a picture captioned "bad panda"
I don't get anything at all from Flickr this morning.
The " 28 Piccadilly tiling photos" link worked ok for me.

"Bad Panda"???
Ooops! I thought I was commenting on yesterday...!
Ah the hot air balloons that are wrong. I believe it refers to the first balloon flight that was from Finsbury Square, not Finsbury Park.
It is gems like this and yesterdays that make this blog a joy to visit. I will the next time I'm in London visit some of these stations, just to see for myself.
Thanks DG once again.
You didn't "download" any photos "to" Flickr - that's what we've been doing. You uploaded them. Downloading is the act of retrieving data, not distributing it. I'm sure you put these things in on purpose to make us pedants grimace.
You're probably right about not clicking on the flickr links. Last week, I would have (and did). This week, with the design disaster that is the new flickr, no.

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