please empty your brain below

Ummmm, don't want to worry you but I can't see the sidebar this morning!

Let me know which broswer you're using, because I can see the sidebar OK in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

thanks again for all your hard work and great writing (and exploring)... even if the IT is a hassle...

Ah, indeed it works. Ish. It links me to the archive pages, so then I need to search within that page to find what I'm looking for - but I think that probably counts as an improvement.

There's also the quirk that because my corporate internet is routed through Germany, the Google ads are in German too. Sehr gut!

Having tried to find old posts in your blog in the past (before Blogger borked it) I do have to say this is an improvement. Sorry. But then if I link through to an interesting post on a blog I've not come across before I almost always go on to look at the blog proper, mainly to see if it's still going & if the writer is generally interesting, or just a one-off.

Yes, search worked well for me. And I only got 2 Google adverts in a box at the top which I didn't even notice at first because I never look at things like that. So well done for sorting that.

Gnash, spt spt spt
Well, it sort of works. I tried "nonsuch" and a very weird response I got. I had to go looking through miles of unrelated posts until the posts with Nonsuch appeared at the bottom. This is what I hate about search engines - fine, they find your word but they never put it in context or indicate where the blasted thing is in the guff they throw at you...gnash gnash etc etc..

Except if you click-through say RHDR link in the Dungeness links it takes you to Northumberland which last time I looked wasn't even close.

Finally, you have normal individual pages, so I can link to your stories!

About time, really.

Sorry for delayed response. It was Firefox on a mobile connection on my laptop. And now, on the way home, same connection, laptop and browser happily show me the sidebar. Probably vodafone deciding what I shouldn't be able to see again...

I'm reading your blog via RSS - and I'm really happy to get the updates in individual pages. It makes it easier to link to stories.

You have a lot of content in your blog and such an amount is never easy to organize. I've been able to get to the archive of a specific month and go back to "older stories" and find all posts from a specific month. Not optimal? true. But then I think it's possible for search engines to crawl the entire blog and not miss a thing.

I've seen a layout for the archive which I liked better, where you can see the months and amount of posts per month. When you select a specific month you could see the amount of stories published *every day*. That should make the stories from the beginning of every month more available.

There's no way, though, to see the titles of your individual posts (other than the RSS feed, which does not go back very long) and without that, sifting through the amount of information you have is a difficult task - frankly, the only sane way to provide so much information is a book.

(straight-up, not 'as the kids say')

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