please empty your brain below

Oh I love reading these and your responses - so very droll and funny! PR people - keep them coming! (Sorry DG)
"We want to help regular people find a home"

What have bowel movements got to do with it?
Massage your inbox? Oh, Matron!
Ah the price one pays for being popular. I have no such worries! ;)
No 'happy outcome' from the massage then!
At least you only get these 'requests' in your e-mail, they're worse when in person ,let me tell you!
In a way, it's almost worse when people like Steph reply as human beings. It's much easier to treat them like automatons when they behave like them.
Wouldn't it be easier to treat it like all other spam and ignore it?

Oh wait... that would mean no more amusing blog posts.
The suggestion you have employees is intriguing - faithful disciples, maybe.

I wonder how many of these emails that think you're a business are intended for a certain Cotswolds-based company, who vie with you for top billing on Google?

Wikipedia still favours a short-lived (four episodes) David Jason vehicle first screened on ITV ten years ago.

As if anyone actually makes a living from 'helping regular (ordinary?) people find a home in a city like London'.

I thought any places available required you to have at least twice the average number of arms and legs!

Ah, the 'joys' of being widely read!
Hahahaha! Classic, as always!
These people certainly make it look as though being on the game must be a bit too much like hard work.
>Sorry Scott, I'm a 1. Don't expect me down any time soon.

Considering that almost 30% of GB households are single people, one wonders why supermarkets, restaurants and commerce in general are so reluctant to cater for us. Single people are also more likely to have higher disposable incomes.

Almost all the so-called 'offers' (3 for 2, BOGOF, £15 off your next £70 online shop etc) discriminate against single people and those that prefer to buy fresh produce little and often rather than a trolley load of Pot Noodles once a month.

Discrimination against single people should be illegal !!
Gerry, just being single doesn't pre-empt dining alone (though of course you can if you want to). Set up a 'dining club' or invite a friend.
@ James

Fortunately I often go out to restaurants with friends, but I really hate Tesco where almost everything is on Fake Special Offer, ditto Sainsbury's / Nectar who never give up issuing the same old personalised coupons for mega shopping splurges that simply aren't relevant to me. So much for data mining and targeting !

Single and 'Fresh, Frequently' people just aren't on their radar. Lidl seem to be the least worst.
Have to agree with Chz. Steph suddenly became human!
I really feel sorry for her, having to knock out all that garbage. She's probably got a good degree and is just sitting there thinking, "I didn't realise it would come to this."
Good luck to her.
People prostituting themselves?
I had to go up to Manchester in March and - after getting lost late at night - I actually saw that!
^ "getting lost late at night" one thing not to do late at night is get lost!
@ Gerry - I hear you about discrimination against singles. I don't have a high disposable income, though, because of paying rent / bills alone ... so I really resent having to pay more for items that won't get consumed before their use-by date.
I know, WCH, particularly *there*!
Unfortunately I went round in circles about five times because all the people (except the last one) I asked how to get to Longley Road kept giving me perfect directions to another road with a similar sounding name :(
All of this took me along certain darkened streets enough times to go beyond mildly embarrassing to 'ooo-er - not again!' :(
I mention it because - despite having a rough idea that it probably does occur around London - I just can't really say it's something I've ever actually seen down here.
where is "Central Lambeth"? It has never struck me as a place with a Centre.
I'm guessing "...and we can find a way to reward you for your help?" means passing along extra promotional freebies and swag littering their office as opposed to paying industry-standard rates for copywriting.

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