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there is only one reason i don't click through to the flicker links 5 days out of 7 is because i view your site at work and the thought police here have blocked access to any picture or video sharing sites. If I am particularly interested in a particular set of photos then I access at home later in the day. I could I suppose access them on my smartphone but the cheapskates here don't supply wifi so I am loathe to use up my data allowance
I'm the same as Peewit, where I work they block access to Flickr. To tell the truth I'm lucky that I get to view your blog at all.
I'm quite happy with links to photos - if I'm interested then I'll click through - if not then I won't.

What I sometimes do is give the site a quick scan, and later come back for a more detailed read. I'll click through to the images during the latter, not the former.
Forgot to say about flikr. It's a bit clunky and slow, but not unbearable.
I look at your photos on Flicker via your links in the text. I quite like that system.
I used to click through a lot more than I do now - in fact since flickr changed in May 2013 (also, not coincidentally the time I closed my flickr account) I have clicked through probably 2 or 3 times. I find it clunky, very slow to load, ugly, and counter-intuitive to use.

So an increase in photo size would be appreciated in this neck of the woods
Clunk click every Flickr trip
I always click through to a few on Flickr - the images that catch my attention the most
I normally read via browser, so larger photos would be a plus for me.
One thing I did not realize was that the linked photos at Flickr are the ones you think especially worthwhile. I will look at the blog pictures, thinking that these are your preferred shots. If these do not catch my fancy, I usually won't follow through to Flickr. If they do, I will usually read the text first, then go to Flickr and watch the whole set in one go afterwards instead of following the links individually.
Yes, yes, I most definitely click on the links and visit your Flickr and sometimes comment.
As I have a Flickr account, I'm happy to click through to your offering there whenever I want to see a picture in its full glory.
If one catches my attention, I click through.
I generally hover my cursor over links so that I can see the URL (in Chrome anyway). It it looks interesting (for any reason not just a photo) I click it. So I am happy for just a link.
Yep, I use Flickr-in fact I usually see your photos before they're posted on your blog :-)
Yep, same as HoosierSands. Flickr all the way
Occasionally I'll end up there - and once there I'll check out the whole set but I do tend to focus on words...
I'm glad I'm not the employer of Peewit or Barry. I bet they are the types who sit on the toilet reading a paper, oblivious that they are costing their companies money and profitability.
When the redundancy notices come round, why should they not be the first to go?
Oh yes - Flickr: Don't actually like it much, because if I go there I don't get back to the text for a while, which breaks up the narrative.
I'll sometimes click on the Flickr link at the end of a piece eg: if it says there are 'x' photos.
I rarely look at the albums but often click through the hyper-links, sometimes when you hyperlink each letter its a bit tedious (I dread to think what the success rate is when you do that). Flickr is ok but if you switched to another web hosting I'd still look at it.
I usually look at all links in the text by opening them in new tabs as I read and then browsing them in order after having read your daily post. No problems with single image viewing on flikr but I don't venture into navigating the bloody thing as it's now too cumbersome.
Flickr... yes.
I'm much more likely to follow an explict link - "(more photos)" or similar - than an inline link buried in the text.
I occasionally click through to Flickr - not sure what the prompt might be. But once there, I tend to look through all the pictures in a particular set.
Yes I click through sometimes. I also have you as a contact on Flickr so sometimes view direct from there. Sometimes it is a useful preview of a future post!
If it catches my attention I'll click through to the link.
What does annoy me though is when I click through only to find it's the same image that is already on the screen!
I generally click through expecting something that didn't actually make it into the final cut for the main page.
I see your photos on Flickr anyway. I sometimes click through on links in articles whether to your photos or those of others.

I can always tell when you've linked to one of my photos - the stats go wild!
I do similar to Caravelle - I'll open the inline links in new tabs as I read the post, but will rarely bother with looking through an entire album. I like the more curated feel of looking at the specific photos you've used to illustrate whatever points you're making.

I'm fine with Flickr, especially given this method of viewing photos.
I do look at your photos on Flickr. In fact, I discovered your blog two years ago via a Google image search and your Flickr stream !

That said, I prefer when you include a link to a set on Flickr, in addition to hiding a series of links inside words in the text. It's easier to see all the photos in one go, rather than surfing back and forth from your blog to Flickr (because clicking on a link doesn't always open a new tab in Firefox).
Flickr, yes. I prefer seeing images at full size so, yes, I'll often look for a link to open [an image] in Flickr and then navigate through any others in the set on your photostream.
I think you could get much higher viewing figures to your images if you tagged them more comprehensively but I fully accept that you seem to know what you're doing and are happy with your current methods.
Like others, I often click through to one image and then view all of them using the previous/next links. So your click-through numbers probably under-estimate the number of Flickr views which are directly a result of the blog.
I am very happy with your present arrangements re presenting pictures. I actually give 95% of my attention to the words, but that's just me. Cannot comment in any more detail, because I haven't noticed. Which probably means you're doing just fine, as far as I am concerned.
Yes I look at your pics on Flickr
I often look at your pictures on Flickr, I then end up clicking through to other related photo sets. Flickr is a good home for your photos.
I frequently view your Flickr pictures.It's sometimes disappointing when I mouse over an interesting blog image without a link to flickr.
Flickr's fine. I frequently have a look through at least a few.
I go to your Flickr photos sometimes when I want to see a particular photo at a larger size. I would stick with Flickr if I was you, despite the annoyances of the changed interface.
I don't click on very many of the photo links as I read your blog, but every two or three days will go to your photostream and catch up with all of them. If I understand Peter CS correctly, that only counts as one click-through view.
most of the time I click on "open link in new tab" on each of the links on your post ... when I come to the end of each paragraph then I'll go and look at the various links

when I've finished reading your whole post I sometimes go back to Flickr and click through on there ... sometimes there are one or two of your photos that you haven't specifically linked to
I found your blog while surfing Flickr. I use the links every day, and appreciate them.
Re Flickr being clunky and slow:

I'm not sure if it's allowed, but perhaps you could have two links from each image, one to the usual complete flickr page, and another to a bare image (the jpg itself without any html) of some reasonable larger size (i.e. 1024 or 1280 pixels wide, or whatever most readers would prefere).

I know that it would probably be a bit tedious for you to do this on every image unless you make some kind of script.

Generally I think Flickr is a great site, but I agree that the big change a year ago made it a bit too slow and a resource hog. I read your blog on a far slower computer than I generally view Flickr images on, so therefore I have mixed feelings about this issue :)
I rarely click over to flickr as I normally read in an RSS reader on my mobile and going back and forth doesn't work smoothly enough to make it worthwhile. Besides, I like your writing best of all, and for me the photos are secondary.

However, I would be pleased if you increased the number of images you include in the text of the blog post proper. Then the photos might better illustrate your travels. They feel a bit disconnected from the narrative over on flickr.

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