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you need a facebbok style like button to save me having to type too much!
I'm fine with these. I'd much rather have quartered photos and a decent length of homepage than the alternative.
I like the quartered images, as long as they link to larger versions of the pictures shown. In today's case, they just link to the Abbey pic. On Tuesday, they didn't link at all.
Alas the quartered images can't link to four larger versions, otherwise they'd have to be four separate images and Blogger would punish me fourfold.
I like them, it gives them a postcard feel to them and gives us a flavour of where you have been.
I like them because of the sense they give about the place or journey you're relating to us.
Quite like them - a bit of variety
They are like the top of the box of fudge from the tourist shop, with the words being the sweets
Not to keen on the quartered photos, as sometimes there is a photo in the group that I would like to see in more detail. Perhaps when you put quartered photos in you could also add a link to the flickr page.
I too really like the quartered photos - they give a good impression of whatever's being described in the post below, and often encourage me to click through to the Flickr gallery and see more of the photos you took on the day.
I like these. As has been said, it's a good way of giving a flavour of where you've been. Generally I wouldn't click through to another website unless I'm particularly interested in the subject of the post and so the quartered photos allow me to see more of the photos you took without having to go off to a different site.
Love the quartered photos but do not like the lack of links from them - I understand you can only have one link but how about a change at the Flickr end? Perhaps making a set per picture heavy post, or having a Waltham Abbey set for example, and the quartered picture link going there? So many of your photos are beautiful and I would guess many of them are under appreciated due to lack of links from here. Of course I could just follow you on Flickr.
Yes, I quite like them to get an overview of where you've been - as long as it's not too much hassle for u DG

I'm quite fond of the Responsive Design approach to picture sizes: use percentages.

If you made the photos "25%" they would take up one quarter of the display (of the browser) width.

This would be a splendid thing to do as it would work as well on your website as it does via RSS.
I like the quartered photos. They give a good overview of a place to accompany the text, and allow more photos to be squeezed into the post as you say.

Sometimes adjacent pictures run into each other awkwardly - I think the overall effect would be better if they could be separated by a narrow white (or grey, to match the background) border, 2 or 3 pixels wide. I appreciate that this would involve more work though, and you may not consider it worth the bother.
I like the quartered photos, and sometimes I don't have time to follow links so gives a nice overview. Also its not something many people seem to do.
Forced to scrutinise them I can see they're pretty alright. However, I am apt to ignore them just as I ignore similarly set up postcards in shops etc.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I look at your blog more for its verbal content than visual. A quartered thumbnail is fine to get the feel of a place; if it interests me further I can look at your Flickr pics or research online.
Quartered photos are ok - although not linking to each individual photo is a little bit annoying if I'm honest.
I like the quartered photos, you get to see what the text is referring to without having to bring up other things, and you can always view the larger format if you want to.
I like these - they are effectively postcards, and give me the flavour of the location without having to open flickr. And they are part of the unique style of this blog.
Dislike the quartered images intensely. feels much to busy and do not link to a larger version.
I too find the lack of links for quartered photos somewhat frustrating. Why don't you put your [photo] link 4 times at the bottom right corner of the quartered images or below them? A sequence is easily arranged e. g.: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, LOWER LEFT, LOWER RIGHT I would really appreciate that and you won't get penalised by blogger.
Great for flavour, need to ensure the pictures aren't too detailed though.
I'm also here more for the text than the images, but the quartered one do give a good flavour of the place.
The quartered images are nice. I always thought you did them to resemble picture postcards in the same style.

You probably could lay a different link upon every quarter by applying an HTML image map with <map> and <area>. Not sure if that's possible with Blogger, and if this tiny detail would be worth the extra effort.
Not too keen on the quartered photos, because to me they represent visual confusion. Maybe it would help if you could put a border around each, to separate each quarter? I'm not bothered about the small size, as I know I can easily get to a bigger one.
I like the quartered images; I always assumed you'd done them as a riff on a traditional picture-postcard but even knowing the real reason (Blogger limit) it seems like a perfectly sensible compromise.
I quite like them and I didn't know why it was you did it. Like others have said it would be nice if you could link them to the source but I see from your previous comments blogger doesn't allow it, which is a shame.
I like the quartered photos. I look at them then glance back to each one as I'm reading that part of the text. Saves having to scroll up and down!
And if it means you can deliver more than Blogger allows, so to speak, all the better!
I'm at best indifferent to the quartered photos - I rarely give them much attention, sorry. Too small to see anything much, and too twee-looking. And no link to get at a bigger version!

I appreciate that this presentation is unusual, though. Maybe you could make a larger version at the top of each photo-heavy post as an overview to the theme of the day?
Not really a fan. They're good for showing what the weather was like but otherwise they sort of hurt the eyes (or brain). Can't see the picture properly and then there's clutter around to make it harder still.
I'm not a fan of those quartered photos. The link question has been mentioned above, so I won't repeat it, and a width of 200 pixels is much too small when viewed on a 1920 pixels wide screen like the ones we have at work.
I read on an RSS reader on my mobile phone, and find the quartered photos a bit too small ... my only complaint in 9 years of readership!!
It is possible to have different parts of a single image link to different pages by using the tag. See for details. Having said that, I don't really like he quartered pictures.
I like quartered photos, if I want to see more I look at your Flickr page. Do more quarters if if stops you being penalised.
I like the quartered pix. But to be honest, I don't mind which format you use.
Keep going with the quartered photos. They are a good index.
I prefer single, larger photos.
I like the quartered images on posts such as "a postcard from ... "

the rest of the time on the whole I prefer single images
Quartered are great!
I'm OK with quartered pix, or any alternative. My desktop shows 'em all just fine.
Here's a piece of HTML code which defines an image map for your 400x300 sample image:

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