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I read yesterday that there will be an official Olympic ticket box office where you can queue up and buy tickets with cash (no VISA required).

I wonder if this is going to be dedicated to flogging tickets for the football or whether they will find some tickets for the more popular sports down the back of the sofa.

Off topic but Virgin Media is now blocking Diamond Geezer as a potential malicious site.

Thanks dg. Now have tickets.

as above

It works on Virgin Media for me ...

Hopefully some of the Olympics will be televised so I don't have to buy tickets. Can watch with kittens.

Yes , after 30 minutes waiting - got my Olympic Park tickets - at least I get to feel the atmosphere and enjoy the sponsor's exhibitions even if I don't get any sport.

I got in at 11am and only waited 2 mins to get some FENCING tickets for my landscape gardening friend (how appropriate) - she also wanted LAWN tennis but there aren't any.

My son however who wanted basketball has been trying for ages today for tickets which seem to be on offer- but after you wait for 15 or 20 mins to see if they are actually available -there aren't any. You have to go through the system all over again with a further set of requests that seem to be available - but aren't.

There are still people criticising the process in ignorance. For instance I have heard many people say they didn't go into the ballot because they thought they would end up with tickets for events they didn't want. (Obviously we know you would only get those you had actually requested)

What I think is worth criticising is today for instance you have to be very specific (session and actual price) in respect of what you are requesting. When your request is turned down - it still seems to show they are available - so people are waiting up to half an hour for their request to be processed for tickets that weren't available in the first place.

It would be so much simpler if you could just ask for 2 tickets for a particular sport on certain dates and at a range of prices - and they provide the best match to your requirements.

Initially you had to wait 15-20 minutes only to be rejected, but this came down to a couple of minutes by after lunch.
Tickets went very quickly, but there's definitely less demand for many of the women's events (e.g. Hockey, Basketball) so there are your best bets if you want to see something in the Olympic Park and currently have nothing)

It's "shooting arrows", not "firing arrows". You fire things from guns or cannon.

The website is very annoying. Why can't they just tell you what is available, rather than making you first pick a specific time and price, then making you click and wait until you are told that it is not available after all. My first attempt just after 11am was timed out, and my second came back with none of my four options available. Wait time was between 15 and 30 mins each time.

I had to leave the computer for a couple of hours. The website responds much quicker this afternoon, but there seems to be much left available. You have to be quite canny at picking the sessions and price points. I wanted four tickets for me and my family, and I suspect there might be perhaps only one or two tickets left for some price points at some sessions. But I ended up with tickets for three extra events, archery, hockey and table tennis. Lots of football, still (including the GB Women's team against Brazil at Wembley on Tuesday 31 July, and the GB Men's team in Cardiff on Wednesday 1 August!!).

And they have taken the list of confirmed tickets offline, again. But the ones I ordered last year arrived in the post this morning! Hooray!

Reading this on virgin as I write.

My office AV was blocking all blogspot sites earlier today.

I'm possibly too late in posting this.. but the trick with the website seems to be open multiple browser windows and try several requests. If you make sure each window uses a different cookie then you can log in on each and try multiple requests at once whilst it "thinks" about it. E.G. try in Google Chrome and open a new "Incognito" tab so it users a new set of cookies and away you go.

I picked up 2 tickets each for hockey (Australia vs South Africa and Holland vs Korea women), diving and badminton.

The system is currently still down (9:20)!

Still some Olympic and Paralympic tickets available for a variety of sports - often only higher prices though - and tickets for the Orbit released too today. Limited to four per 30 minute slot, which is a bit unhelpful for a larger family group.
My tickets have now arrived - but I am surprised where my middle category seats are situated. At Wimbledon we are near the back on the side. Interestingly when you go to Wimbledon proper all the seats on the court are the same price wherever you sit.
Do you know where you can see charts showing which seats are what category prices???

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