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If your product doesn't make the headlines, buy them... and keep the print media going for a few more years. And if that approach begins to fail (undistributed piles of free papers languishing behind kiosk doors) create your own on-line and customer publishing and set the whole agenda. It's happening now, with big corporations recruiting their own editorial teams, specifically to create the news they think it's fit to print.
That partial cover wrap was particularly irritating - making it impossible to hold the paper in both hands because the half-covered side of the wrap flopped about.
I find the covers useful as they protect the "proper" newspaper within. Keeping it clean and dry. Very useful if the crossword puzzle is on the back page.
I picked up both the metro and standard yesterday and glanced at the front covers but couldn't tell you which company was advertising. The big page ads and covers are much easier to fold over and ignore than smaller ones tucked between the news.

Spotted on newsnight its 50 years of the Beeching report today.
How do you find time to read them all?
Because there's very little of substance to actually read I assume.
I dislike the half-page insert ads the Guardian has been going in for as they make the paper more complicated to read with that extra flappy bit. But if it keeps the paper copy going for a bit longer, I suppose it's a price worth paying. Really don't get on with newspapers online. Apart from anything else, they're rubbish for lighting the fire
Strange you should blog on this today as i'd nbeen thinking about this very subject. Besotted as I am with Game of Thrones, I would have missed Gwendoline Christie (Brienne from the series) looking very fetching on the cover of Stylist, had not my daughter enlightened me. Must be rotten to achieve cover-girl status yet not actually be on the cover!
I picked up 3 copies...
So the long and short of the blog today is that DG doesn't like advertising.

And this is a surprise, how, exactly?
I'd have thrown it away unread and couldn't have told you what was being advertised. Mind you, free newspapers are a bit of an excitement for a Norfolk woman - here, very little is given away, even with added adverts.
There was what I can only described as a 'stepped' advert across a double page in the Indy the other day. It made reading the article around it quite difficult and the similarity of the font off putting.
All our local freebies have been wrapped like this for a while - usually the local Pizza emporium.

I've recently subscribed to a so-called free magazine/app on the iPad that has a 5 to 10 second advert between each page. Bloody annoying, but you don't get 'nowt for 'owt ... I wondered how it was free and now I know!
nice 1.very intresting to read

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