please empty your brain below

Well, this brought back some memories as I went to nursery school at Eastbury in the early 1950's. Can't wait for part 2!

"Rules and regulations were important on the original Becontree Estate."

Its a great shame that these rules and regulations which were applicable to all municipal housing are no longer enforced, the days of taking pride in your home whether you owned it or not have sadly in many cases long gone, in days gone bye it was thought that you were very lucky indeed to be offered a property to rent by the Council, knowadays the majority of young people all expect everything to be given to them and done for them, it makes me very angry indeed, bye the way great post DG and I shall definatly pay a visit to Eastbury Manor House before the local youth smash it up and wreck it.

I thought it might be Eastbury Manor House when you gave that clue about an advanced visit.

Well worth a visit.

Thanks DG, some absolutely fascinating social history in the section on the Becontree Estate and some of the links were really interesting as well. Looking forward to the next part.

Another NT property to add to my list of places to visit!

I think my uncle lived on that estate in the late'70's.

If the Becontree Estate was the most famous thing you could find, it sounds as if the bogey-borough's living up to its reputation...

For crying out loud...

My goodness, there's some originality... the estate is even in the shape of a tree!!!

Lived there 1961 - 1993 though doubt count as one of the famous residents!

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