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"Low level scallying"? Calm down, soft lad!
I’m going to have to take issue with “because the 2020s are more forward-looking than the 1960s”.

Each generation looks as far forward as it can, given the available science and the prevailing social attitudes.

Brookside Close looked forward to a world where there was sensibly priced housing for everyone, well-built, well-lit and well-ventilated (to the standards of its day), rented out to those who needed it, with sufficient surrounding green space and access to public transport.

The result may have fallen short of perfection, and building technology has moved on, as of course has our understanding of climate change. But these look like decent houses, and many decades later, they’re still doing their job.
"Liverpool's finest soap opera"

Were there any others?
Being at the end of my road, this is/was the location of my local polling station, but having a postal vote now I haven't been back for years.
Will now peer at it out of the bus window with renewed interest!
Ah, the last great days of social housing - before it was even called that!

I've been going past similar "skew bungalows" for years, without knowing what they were called. From now on, I will know better!

At last a field in which Barry outshines Greater London! It's memorable Coronation Street is located in the shadow of the iconic Dock Offices.
The only other Liverpool based soap opera I can find is Springhill, a two series affair from Sky and Channel 4 in 1996-1997.
I loved Brookie, the only soap worth watching IMHO. The fact that it got up the noses of the right wing Tory papers was just an added bonus, if it were made today it would definitely be called “Woke”. Its creator was of course Phil Redmond who was also responsible for Grange Hill.
I was hoping you would visit Brookside Close EN5, 1 minute from my house, although that probably has even less to write about.
I have seen bungalow blocks of similar vintage that have been retrofitted by the social landlord with air source heat pumps, so it's not a given that older housing won't get a eco-makeover.
There's a Brookside in N21 as well, and it's a close.

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