please empty your brain below

I hear ya, DG. I too have bought fewer and fewer albums in recent years.

That said, I have enjoyed the new Radiohead album, and I'm not normally one of their fans.

I might have to check out the Onetwo album.

The end of Top of the Pops did it for me.

I just buy albums by a few select artists that i like and respect -anything else is available in so many ways if you don't actually feel the need to own an actual original cd.

Music nowdays isn't music and shite like idol and x-factor just goes to prove it. It's just mass produced lowest common denominator music for the masses-30,000 odd sales for a #1 hit WTF!!! What's even worse is the amount of sheep who'll buy it!!!

Does Woolies still have the 50p bin??? and where is Gareth Gates nowadays???

Gareth who?

And whatever became of the Spice Girls?

Do a body pump class, they have some great stuff (and some rubbish as well).

It gets everyone, eventually.
Maybe a survey of what age it gets them is called for?

It still hasn't got me, and I'm still in absolute denial that it ever will.

That Onetwo album? Yes, some nice moments, but I preferred their live show (they supported Erasure over the summer, and apparently supported the Human League after that).

What were the other four albums, then?

2 was the Pet Shop Boys ('s OK)
3 was Air ('s OK)
4 was Dizzee Rascal (local boi, OK in parts)
5 was forgettable

Thanks for the album recommendation, DG. I've been enjoying it immensely.

I particularly like the remake of "Have a Cigar." My mother used to listen to Pink Floyd and she's the reason I love music as much as I do. "Have a Cigar" was the first song I remember analyzing the lyrics and finally "getting" what the artist meant.

Kudos to Onetwo for not changing the bands name in the tune and resisting the urge to mention themselves instead.

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