please empty your brain below

Finally wore a face covering on Friday, not keen, didn't encourage me to browse.

Supermarket update - having got rid of all my old £20 notes, I'm now paying by card, when will I next pay for something with actual money?

On the checkouts all the extra barriers make it harder to see which ones are staffed, several times I've found a free checkout simply by walking from one of the line to the other.

US continues to spiral out of control, like China this was another country where Brexit would give us an advantage in a trade deal, not looking like such a great trade partner now.

Never liked handshakes - glad to see the back of them.
Trump upgrades what was originally 'a hoax' to 'a downer'
Trump predicts pandemic will get worse

"We could have done things differently" (PM)

Funny how all these "it's no big deal" leaders have suddenly changed their tune. Horses and (strong &) stable doors have never seemed more apt!

Over 500 C-19 related deaths a week is still a heck of a lot.

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