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So sorry for the loss of your mum - I know I don't know you but hope to meet sometime (I am an eastender too). Wishing you all the best.

It's always the little things that catch you unawares, isn't it? I'm sure she'll be with you for a long time yet. Thinking of you.

That was incredibly moving DG, just like the first one where you announced your mum's passing. I think she'll be around for a lot longer than you think.

Aye, it's the little things. Good to have the memories though.

Hope you had a good day.

That was one of the thoughts that went through my head as I was preparing Christmas Dinner - will anyone in DHs household know what to do!
It's amazing how much we rely on our mums even into adulthood. Hope you had a good day, under the circumstances.

I just put this on my blog for my own family and friends.....
If you have a moment have a look at his last 3 days - very well written. It makes me sad and yet his manner also gives some inner strength too.
Thank you Diamond Geezer.

Our family suffered the same loss this season, although my sister has been pudding-maker-in-training for the last couple of Christmases. Our Mum apportioned all the important info before she left us. Suffice it to say my thoughts are with you.

Yes, my mother died at Christmastime too when I was in school as a child. She died at home from a stroke at home alone. I fond her footprints left in the snow from earlier in the day. There's never any replacing one's mother I guess... we can only keep the memories, and value all the important things that mothers leave us that will live forever in our memories. I can say that I never much enjoyed Christmas after that.

Dear DG,

I am an enthusiast for your committed blogging, and enjoy the sparkle of human individuality that pokes through your Londoner commentaries. I've been deliberately offline over Xmas, and have just seen your sad but elegant Xmas Eve post. I am so sorry that you have lost your treasured mum, and am touched that you were able to write about it so frankly, yet while also maintaining your family's privacy.

I'm glad you've taken her presents to Norfolk. My dad died (16 years ago) very suddenly, and before I could give him the little edible souvenirs I'd brought him from a trip to Spain. I put them in his coffin, along with some cigarettes for his journey.

Just a thought.

With very best wishes,

Thinking of you.

Dear DG

Another eloquent post which left a lump in my throat.

This Christmas, I'm 17,000km away from London E3 sleeping in my old bedroom in my mum's house for a few weeks. It's been very hard as our relationship is a bit difficult... but reading your posts reminds me I must appreciate her while I can.

Thanks DG... Best wishes for the rest of 2000.

EP, enjoying an Australian summer

Yes, we just ate a last Christmas pudding which won't be repeated. What is encouraging is how well her 90-year-old husband has coped. I had thought 2 or 3 months was the most we could hope for, but it is nearly a year now.

There have been many happy occasions over the year. The hole is unfillable, but there is much else to enjoy.

Good luck to all your family.

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