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Yeah, Yeah. When you last reported going back to Watford on January 6th 2008 you did a whole post on the extortionate fare.

So what I want to know is, what did you pay this time and did you use your Oystercard ?

Ah, but that was Watford Junction
(beyond zone 8, fares complicated).

This, thankfully, was Croxley Metropolitan line
(zone 7, Oyster extension £1.10).

Love your 1975 photographs and the commentary beneath, especially for the clown pic and the 'knock down the cans' stall. Made me chuckle over my coffee.

A bit off topic,
I remember going on my bike to go fishing in the canal, at Croxley. This was way back in 1964-66, all I can remember is the very steep pathway from the Underground station to the canal.

Croxley Green and the Revellers a post-beatles, pre-punk group?

Haven't looked at the clip yet, but wasn't this the area with all those lawnmowers?

I suppose there is something mysterious and profound about the fact that neighborhoods and houses stay largely the same but the people all vanish and move on.

I went back to my old neighborhood that I hadn't seen in 30 years and it was exactly the same as it was. Scarcely a thing had changed except the people were all different. come I didn't realise about this when I lived in Croxley last year? Whoops!

@Jon: "Profound and mysterious" it certainly is. Thanks to Google Street View I recently paid a virtual visit to the street where I grew up, last seen 50 years ago. I "stood" in front of our old house and felt like a time traveller.

By the way, I'm not surprised that DG was good at maypole dancing. He probably had the entire sequence mapped out in his head.
Have you ever tried change-ringing, DG?

We drove past Croxley Green at about noon when it had started to rain. At the time I felt sorry for all the prospective Revellers, and am glad to learn that the weather didn't deter them.

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