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I live near a park
As blessed as I feel living near to Beddington Park, on a hot sunny day it does make the local parking situation awkward. I don't really care about the lack of spaces per se, but the cars prowling up and down the streets looking for one get irritating.
I have lived in the same place for the last 15 years but have only this year visited some of my nearest parks.

I should be ashamed!
Maybe we are lucky out here in the suburbs. Small area of woodland 100 yards from home, within half a mile large park and huge woods. Lots of opportunities during lockdown. Used to enjoy your London parks before lockdown.
My nearest 'park' is almost entirely taken up by playground equipment, so it doesn't really function as a park for me.
I live in a council estate in Haringey, but within 2 mins walk is one small-ish park, within 10 mins in one direction is a larger park, and 10 mins in the other direction brings you into Lea Valley Park, with Marshes and Wetlands aplenty.
Yep, but never used it until lockdown, as I hate the stink of weed, cyclists zooming by far too close or round nlind corners (kids and adults) and gangs of boys inhaling NO2.

Now I have no choice, as it's the only locale that has wide paths and there's the added bonus of piles of rubbish, barbecue detritus and open toilets round every corner. Bless the key workers who clean this up every day.
I live near a park but I prefer to be in green spaces where I can be completely alone, so the majority of those I can walk to don't really work for me.

Being close to the Green Belt works - but not when you can't take public transport to get to it!
First world problems!
Last time I lived in London, the closest bus stop was called Ravenscourt Park, so I lived near a park :)
Thanks for that link DG, spotted a new bit of open space near enough to me to be within energetic walking distance!
My nearest park is a 10-15 min walk away. I am blessed however to be only 5 mins from open countryside to the North/NE. I have always been thankful for this, but never more than this year.
Here in Lewisham we're blessed with several large parks on the doorstep (Blackheath, Greenwich, Ladywell Fields and Hilly Fields), so they never get ram-packed even on the sunniest days.

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