please empty your brain below

The bar is not visible on my laptop (in IE6, Firefox or Opera) but is visible on my PC. Most intriguing. Anyone else not seeing it?

Oh... and... I'd resend your message every couple of hours. They can't *all* get overlooked. Probably.

I imagine you may be waiting for a LONG time to hear from Blogger. Their wonderful customer service is what sent me and my blog to another host.
Good luck.

I don't see the Navbar

I can see it and another blogger (who like yourself had paid something a few years ago) has just had the ugly bar dumped on hers as well. (She's been away for a couple of days - when she gets back I expect to hear the air turning blue from here...)

tweak and be damned

agreed. the bar sucks.
is a freebie?

DG paid for it at some point, I'm not sure if it was a one off thing though.

At least you can access your blog. I've arrived back from three days away, find they've stuck the banner on the top of mine, lost my archives, and I can't sign in anywhere...

Before about 2003/4, you could get "Blogger Pro", for which you paid for a number of extra services. Can't remember what they were, though, but one of them was definitely being free of the bar at the top.

I think Blogger Pro users were given a t-shirt or a hoodie or something when it was discontinues.

Oh look, it's gone grey.
Presumably they decided they didn't like what you called them so only acceded to half your request...

...nah, I switched it to grey, because the blue was hideous. I'm still waiting for any form of response whatsoever.

The biggest way to stick your finger up at them is to remove it yourself.
You'll never get a a response - particuarly in the light of what you called them...

So, it's put up or code in I reckon

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