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It's even more galling that some TfL wording is exemplary - e.g. the "Please keep feet off seats" notice in trains.

Re the Stratford International extension: My understanding was that train testing was going to begin on this new extension last month, but I haven't seen any sign of it. Does anyone have any info on a potential opening date?

If TFL had any sense they would get you to design or proof read their maps! Damn daggers, stars and assorted symbols

The old LT did these things so much better:

† meant "rush hours only on Mon to Fri", and NOTHING ELSE

‡ meant "rush hours only on Mon to Sat"

a star meant "closed Sundays" and NOTHING else

a star in a box meant "closed Saturdays and Sundays"

and info that wasn't pertinent to the map was kept off the map

I suspect the advances in technology (and cheaper production costs) that make it much quicker and simpler to generate a new copy of a map are partially to blame - much less thought is clearly given to questions of consistency and overall appearance than used to be the case.

It's true with A-Z maps too - where a surfeit of extra information (some of which really is useful) seems to have been provided, but with less care taken over essentials and silly errors creeping in that wouldn't have done so in the past

To be more more concise:

† If you're lucky
✩ If we're in the mood
✽ You're f***ed

I fear 'carriages' is also a mistake, what with the arguments it causes on the articulated DLR units. It's a three unit train... but units arn't a famillar word for the ordinary public.

Perhaps "Short platform. Use centre of train" would cover all eventualities sufficiently

For the avoidence of doubt, put a sticker on the front and last doors that says "move down the train for CS&MG"

Didn't realise so many other stations were not getting extended...

Why not have a new dagger for Stratford International.

† No International trains ever stop here.

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