please empty your brain below

having a bad week so far then?

As Morrissey said, 'That joke is funny anynmore'.

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.


As Morrissey said, 'That joke isn't funny any more'.

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.


Heard you the first time. I said, heard you the first time.

A decent CMS would let an author edit his duplicated comments.

Wednesdays - bloody tedious, eh ?

I wait for the words of wisdom come Saturday...

Flash, did you hear me laughing when I read your comment?

Great Aunt Annie: I thought it was an echo!

Didn't Morrisey say every day is like Sunday? Can't remember the name of the song though.

Morrisey has a lot to say for himself-let's blame him.

I think all the days are overrated - it just took me a long time of partying to figure it out. Now that I've discovered that I'm not missing anything on any of the other days its a lot more satisfying. Not exicting but certainly more of an even keel of contentment.

Thursday - I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

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