please empty your brain below

First for a Blue Christmas! (I know somebody who will be happy ...)

Merry Christmas to you DG. All the best!

Merry Christmas, DG.

Merry Christmas DG, thanks for providing me with a link to my past life in London before moving to Chicago.

Merry Christmas to DG and to all of DG's "old familiars"!

Merry Christmas from down under.

Merry Christmas to you DG from the foggy Central Valley of California.

Merry Christmas from the Holy Land!

Merry Christmas (temporarily from Paris)

Merry Christmas DG from a surprisingly foggy Manchester.

All the best of the season's greetings DG.

Happy Tuesday, DG.

All, the Blue FOTCR™ I was spelling on

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Merry Christmas DG, hope you have a good end to the year and a fantastic 2008

Merry Christmas DG!

Merry Christmas DG!

merry christmas D.G from Thailand

Merry Christmas everyone!

From a cold and sunny Berlin.

Merry Christmas DG!

After all your readers have wished you Happy Christmas from exotic locations, I will to be very boring and wish you every best wish, and thanks for excellent postings, from boring old Yorkshire (England).

Merry Christmas from damp Dagenham.

Merry Christmas from Colombia!

Merry Christmas DG, that's for the top notch blogging throughout 2007, here's to 2008!

(that was supposed to say thanks by the way!)

A Merry Christmas to you, DG, from you know where. It rained nearly all day! But at least it was warm.

Merry Christmas, DG, from Ohio.

Merry Christmas from (as seems to be de rigeur Norfolk

The mystery of the £1 present has been solved - I got it.

Happy Christmas DG! from Florida.

...and belated Christmas greetings from an hour and three quarters up the line.

Ditto from Bow Road

merry Christmas from crumy Croydon-Peter

Merry Christmas to DG and his family, from the warm warm West Indies! I really do enjoy your blog and hope to read many more interesting stories in 2008.

A belated Merry Christmas DG and everyone else. Am I too early to wish you all a happy new year?

Wishing DG and his regular blog readers a belated merry Christmas and a great new year for 2008 from somewhere in a rather overcast Cheshunt. Keep up the good work DG!

Happy Fourth Day of Christmas (only 8 more to go!) from sunny Tucson, Arizona. I love subways/undergrounds, as well as buses and overgrounds, too - public transportation in general. Looking forward to more info on London and life from you in 2008.

I will probably win the latest (earliest?) Christmas wishes with this. I've been away almost two weeks and had quite a severe case of DG withdrawal.

Bidding you all health, wealth and happiness from Chicago to London and elsewheres, I remain very respectfully yours,

Chicago Dave
Destination London - May 2009

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