please empty your brain below

Stop teasing us, DG! Tell us where you are going today.

One of only two days in the year when I can feel smug that I have a nuclear-powered alarm clock that sets itself to BST/GMT automatically.

Shortest post of the year?

I suspect we may get more hourly posts so it might end up being a rather long post.

I've got one of those clocks that updates the time automatically. Unfortunately I didn't realise this until 13:00. Or was it 14:00?

Completely forgot and stood outside the swimming pool wondering why it was not open at 9am...until a kind passer by told me it was, in fact, 8am :(

Here in the Mountain Time zone 'they' changed ours to next weekend a few years ago. It's just not the same trick or treating when it's still light!
Non-casual? Intrigued as to where you are off to!

I find the online version of self assessment INFINITELY easier than the written version-honest.....

I once lived in a land where we never adjusted our clocks. The world did not stop-it revolved around us. I recommend it.

I think gavin must mean that he has a clock that is controlled by a radio signal from one of the standard time signal"atomic" clocks. For the UK the NPL operate a service from a transmitter in Cumbria on a frequency of 60kHz. For European time there is a transmitter in Frankfurt.
To have a nuclear powered clock in the house would be rather disconcerting.
I wish we stayed on Summer Time (Daylight Saving) all year, I hate the dark evenings.
Wonder where dg went on Saturday. Said he has not been so far out for 30 years, yet mentions the Chilterns..Amersham Museum charge £2 to get in but I doubt if he went there.

I think I'd quite like a nuclear powered clock.

I wasn't quite sure whether my bedside DAB clock radio was going to adjust itself to the correct time yesterday morning, but it didn't matter too much - I woke up at 5.30am anyway, a whole hour before my alarm was due to go off.

Also, I rather enjoyed the sentence "Edward Scissorhands rides past on a BorisBike".

As one who woke up to a dead watch battery would I!

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