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wow! 5.3 that is actually a decent size. But you win't experienced anything until you have been in an earthquake while on the 15th floor of a tall building. Rock and Roll!!

I was about 10 miles from the epicentre, and there was no way you could mistake it for heavy shagging - there was a deep, loud, rumbling noise sounding like a vast fleet of trucks.

Just a slight rock and roll. Wait till you feel a 7.

I didn't feel anything here in New Cross, but I was a bit drunk at the time. My home is about fifteen miles from the epicentre and it woke up everyone at my home near Scunthorpe - it's fun to see Market Rasen (or indeed Lincolnshire) at the centre of attention!

It was quite exciting here in Sheffield. At least I managed to notice the earthquake happening this time!

so you did feel it... i was wondering. was it a "roller" or was it more up and down?

glad you're ok...

only sizeable one i have experienced felt like a giant walking down the street brushed up against my building.

Yes, we experience them quite often down here in the Sth Pacific rim (NZ). I never get used to them, you feel so powerless. 8 weeks til I visit dirty old London town again (Maryland specifically) - yippee!!

Nothing felt here in Deptford (well, if it was, it didn't wake me) I always miss all the excitement

So that's an earthquake AND a hurricane I've slept through now.

I felt it here in Hertfordshire as a mild but noticeable vibration while I was having a late night cup of tea and channel-hopping session . Funnily enough, at first, I thought the vibrations were from a washing machine or similar, until I realised there are no washing machines in the building. In any case, I think it's quite exciting to think I've just felt my first earthquake not in San Francisco but in a rather more dreary Hatfield.

Second thought: er, earthquake?

Further to my comment above, I do remember having a quiet mumble about the vibrations being an earthquake (after I dismissed the washing machine idea), though until I checked Ceefax I had no idea that it actually was an earthquake.

I am sooooo disappointed to have slept through the whole thing. I've always wondered what it would feel like to be in an earthquake (though obv I wouldn't want to be in a gigantic deadly one).

my first earthquake was the 1989 San Andreas one. No chance of sleeping through that.

Though I'm so tired these days that it seems I'd sleep through anything.

Here in Rotherham I was woken up at around 1am by a large rumbling sound. I thought it was one of those "falling out of the sky" dreams at first, and then I thought it was a lorry on the back road. Took me ages to drop of to sleep

"woken up at around 1am by a large rumbling sound"
Could have been your tummy

Didn't feel a thing. We were fast asleep.

Corfu, Greece is experiencing earthquakes in that scale quite often. After all, Greece is a country prone to quakes!

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