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Doh. I thought the Greenway was already part of the fantastically hyped 2012 Legacy blah blah. Why does it need another top up / bailout from a different funding pot?

Voting practices aside, I am pleased that the money is to be spent on parks. The trouble now is deciding which one to pick from the list….

I've voted and I don't even live in London.

Isn't Coram's Fields run by a private trust? Why is it on the list?

Here's a dodgy piece of electoral practice, or is it outright gerrymandering? If you choose (also??) to vote by mobile phone, it says:

" By mobile phone – text 'parks' and your full London post code to 62967.

**This will automatically vote for the nearest park on our shortlist to that post code in the same borough.**

If you want to vote for a different park you need to text a full post code close to that park. "

Those parks with large local populations - Victoria Park? Camberwell Green? - will get a disproportionate number of default votes, I guess.

Er, what's the postcode for The Greenway, please, dg?

The Greenway, being long and very thin, doesn't have a postcode. But it's the only nominated park in Newham, so any postcode in Newham should do. I suggest E13 8RU, which is the postcode for Newham General Hospital.

I see that visitors to London are allowed to vote. Makes sense. Why not have someone in Toronto influence local planning decisions thousands of miles away?

*Googles a hotel post code*

Rather than giving most of the parks nothing (and therefore giving communities false hopes), wouldn't it be better to split the money 47 ways, with the votes deciding how the money should be distributed? For example, if Coram's Fields gets 30\\% of the votes, it would get 30\\% of the funds (£120,000). Even better, Boris could abolish the vote altogether and divide the money up corresponding to need. That way, the parks in the worst state would get most of the funds. However, this would of course bring difficulty with regards to deciding which parks truly deserve the money.

I do think it's unfair to give 37 of the nominated parks no funding at all. Why do they effectively run these funding decisions as competitions, rather than dividing the money up in a fair manner between all the parks?

Just voted for Victoria Park and gave my old postcode

Drat that noise, I only get one option for Barnet, not even one of the parks that could really do with improvement.

Biggest borough and only one park right on the margins!

the londoner was shit though

and livingstones way to give jobs to his mates

I'm looking at the permalink of this post and wondering if, at some point, the "Help a London Park" used to read "Parklife"...

Stalker :)

So, fixed those sidebar links yet? :)

(This is weird. I'm leaving comments on a blog post written three years ago. I feel as if I'm in a ghost town, where no matter how loud I shout, nobody responds and the landscape never changes... except you, DG, you who see everything, hear everything, you are my guide, my sole companion, my only light in the endless gloom and desolation, shining bright amidst the wasted landscape, drawing me ever closer into your warm embrace... Yeah, about that stalking thing... ;) )

OK, I'm quivering now ;)

And sidebar-link-fixing is a major task I'm saving for some unspecified future date, sorry.

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