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Who took away those grass verges?

I’ve become curious about that question since moving right to the band in the outer London suburban band where the grass verges start appearing. It is highly correlated with large front gardens appearing. Some of the verges are regularly reduced to mud-slicks by local drivers but some are beautifully cared for and planted up by local residents with flowers and shrubs.

They are such a boon if well kept, but inner London seems to have lost them en masse. Who took them away, and when?
What about Coronation Gardens here in Waltham Forest? (Other Coronation Gardens are doubtless available.)

Admittedly not a thoroughfare though as per your theme.

dg writes: today's post is not about parks.
Once again I have missed seeing you by only yards as I live a just around the corner from your first subject,
In Dover, depending in which part it was, you could get that 1st house for about 200K
If the raptor high overhead of Hayes had broad straight wings and a short stubby tail, it was probably a buzzard. But if its wings were angled and it had a large forked tail, it was probably a red kite. And if it quite small and it really was hovering, it was probably a kestrel.

I suspect a kite - I’ve seen them over west London - but I’ve not seen one hover.
E13, 1953: Decorations in Coronation Road in West Ham, London. These were the gift of a West End businessman, who searched for a Coronation Road. He offered all the bunting necessary to decorate the road. Still no sign of a grass verge.
It’s been a while since I’ve been to the corner of Brent - can’t believe it’s all flats now. For so long they were holding out for offices but there obviously just wasn’t a market. Must be an odd place to live, apart from the Coop and a cafe open only weekdays until 4pm there appears nothing.
Red Kites are two a penny here in NW London now, they tend to swirl rather than hover. With the main section of Cranford Park close by a hoverer could be a Kestrel. I've watched them at Bentley Priory.

Saving the other Coronation addresses for William V might mean having to wait 20+ years if Charles has the same longevity as his mother!
NW10: Diageo (the renamed owner of Guinness) until very recently had an large office on the roundabout which terminates Coronation Road.
Whilst William is indeed Heir Apparent, it is a trifle presumptuous to assume that the next coronation will definitely be his.
Turns out the E13 bunting donor was a decoration manufacturer who evidently knew a thing or two about photo opportunities seventy years ago.
I used to work in the Park Royal example many years. There were lots of rows of little brick fronted terraced housing, I assume built for workers at the brewery or perhaps an older industry that may have existed there. Went back through there recently and it bears no resemblance to its former self, very ugly and built up now. I think the road was used for a pop video back in the 80's before it's enhancement (destruction). Might have been Blur but don't shoot me if I'm wrong.
There's an outside broadcast facilities company with a base in Park Royal, so there may well be some kit going from Coronation Road to the coronation.
..and some of the many food production companies along Park Royal's Coronation Road might well be producing Coronation Chicken!
There was also a Coronation Road in Hong Kong, named after George V's one. It's incorporated into Nathan Road about a decade later.

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