please empty your brain below

Presumably the wobbly-ness is part of the artist's statement.....signifying the whole Olympic project perhaps? Your fear to mount the stairs signifies the British public being unsure (apart from the very young and old presumably).


Oh yes, and though I'm no fan of flags I do rather like the new version of the logo with the 'Jack (we do call it the 'Jack now, don't we?)

Somehow the shape of the logo and the pattern of the Union Jack really complement each other. I like.

I also climbed the wobbly staircase when I was there on Sunday, I got as far as the third stair before I decided that it was not a good idea to venture any higher, I am very supprised that with todays compensation culture the ODA have left themselves open to injury claims by placing such an unstable object for all and sundry to climb upon.

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