please empty your brain below

Basing on your very detailed travel enumeration, I can feel like I was with you during the trip. The place was so serene that you can even say its paradise. If only the rest of the world is as peaceful as this place, this is absolutely a world worthy to live for. Minus the usual traffic though.

Are commentators who are actually advertisers breaking the rules?

I remember the protests over Twyford Down very well as I had a friend who lived there at the time. I finally ended up driving through there in 1994 just as it was being finished. It looked like the moon at the time, although I'm assuming that the grass has grown back over most of the moved earth.

Where would we be without cars, eh? Steady, Blue Witch, steady.....

cheaper to put the tunnell in after all? perhaps, but i prefer a route where you can get out of it if the worst happens.& tunnells ain't it.

I trust you keep your rock climbing gear on you at all times in your car, petoskystone

& my running shoes & the odd bag of kitty litter

I've lost count of how many times I've ended up travelling through Twyford Down on the M3 between London and the south coast. You wouldn't think you were travelling through some of the most attractive countryside in Southern England when travelling along it, I have to say.

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