please empty your brain below

Looks like a five pound trip to the seaside tomorrow!

just give in now DG, and make your blog all-tube, all-the-time.

you'd have to colour it yellow though, obviously.

I read the blog avidly but alas, there were no daggers in sight :(

On the train vouchers, not quite sure about the "Or all four, because there's plenty of time to fit in several return journeys before 25th July". The instructions say: "Please Note: Only one voucher per Oyster Card/Freedom Pass holder". Since you have to nominate a date and time to get the voucher, I assume you have one try and that's it. Am I missing something?

Another subtle recent change is that on the TfL website, the 'Service updates' section now includes the DLR and Overground, and so do the 'Live travel news' page & map. No more tabs for different modes of transport!

Here's the cheap-rail-ticket terms and conditions. As far as I can tell it's one voucher per Oyster Card Holder per journey, not one voucher per Oyster Card Holder per month. But it's not clear.

you have to start at a participating London terminus station. They give that impression but the help section (which, unusually for a help section is actually very helpful, makes it clear that you don't). You just get your local manned station to supply you the ticket. In full:
"Promotional tickets are only valid for journeys departing from London terminus stations. Customers wishing to join further on the same line of the route may do so, but their ticket must be issued with a promotional fare from London terminals. For example if you are travelling from Clapham Junction to Brighton, your ticket will be issued from London Victoria to Brighton."

Thanksfor this information DG, Brighton here i come (not today though as it will be mental on the beach in this sun; i'll wait til it rains, as usual!)

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