please empty your brain below

Great, now I'm going to be spending my Saturday wracking my brains over which German beer hasn't been around since 2003...
Oh dear what can the matter be
Four young ladies are spurned on a Saturday
Their marketing ploys are reduced to anonymity
So nobody knew what they were selling.
W.T. McGonalgall
I like searching to find out which companies DG has been ignoring.
Partly because it amuses me to see how he's described them.
Of course the typical response from the "leading" bloggers that these PR people seek to interest is "yes, I can do something, but this will require a minimum payment of £x for coverage, and an additional £x for personal, positive endorsement." I kid you not.
Hi there, Hope you're good.

Somebody ought to tell these people that it's 'Hope you're Well', as in 'not Ill'.

So the response could be 'No thanks, I'm Evil; just got back from committing a savage knife crime'!

Still, it's another easy recognition point, so carry on using the dumb term all you so-called Siobhans.
Resurrecting dodgy beer brands? Why bother? There's plenty of decent beers around now.

Going off on a slight Reinheitsgebot tangent I hope all are aware that 'German brewing heritage' Becks is now brewed in Luton.

Hope you're good.
I live in hope that I may start getting invitations to events which involve free drink. Preferably not beer.
Follow the bear! These days, presumably @thebear on Twitter...
<windswept jetty> should be the official name!
It could be one of those sports events where a company has bought a block of seats intended to be used for this sort of promotional fluff.

It's a repeated complaint from older members that none of the people who are there with them have any interest in the actual sporting action, its just background noise.

Hasn't the corporate area at Wembley been described as 'the ring of indifference'.
Some people have nothing better to do. Still...could be worse. I constantly get 'offers' of 'hook-ups' of a (very) sexual nature, promotions on 'blue' drugs, job offers that pay far too much, alerts on how to 'avoid' losing my savings and invites to 'parties' i just 'cannot' turn-down!
I sure do love a rollicking good game of <sport>!

Have you ever considered bringing the ICO down upon the more persistent spammers?
Assuming it is about something with an ursine connection, it's one of the strangest returns ever.

Usually a relaunch means a poor imitation of the original. Yet this time according to a trade magazine...

A Scottish lager which made a name for itself throughout the to be relaunched as a German craft beer...was a 3.2% abv pale lager produced by Scottish Courage from the 1980s to 2003. Following a 13-year hiatus, the brand is back and has been made over into a 5% abv Helles lager, made in Bavaria.

I'm assuming they think people have better bear memories than beer ones.
Sorry Petras409, but "I'm good" meaning I'm well has spread widely and is by no means restricted to Siobhans. The most otherwise-well-spoken people are using this expression - which may well have come from one of the English-speaking nations across the sea, but has now flooded this sceptred isle (speaking metaphorically as if I was in it, as I am technically abroad right now as it happens). We may not like particular aspects of language change, but they happen anyway.
Much better would be the traditional "how do you do?"
I had to look up what beer it was they were bringing back, and now can't stop laughing.

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