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Is it a Dog Bakery I.e. baking cakes for dogs? I recently became aware that this is a thing. Incidentally society is doomed.
Roman Road: Dog Hub? Um. Sorry no idea. Dog Bakery? Presumably as Scott says, comestibles for dogs, not using dogs as an ingredient.

Shoreditch: I think that is the car park where the BMW Art Cars were exhibited a decade ago.
Trusedale Road; reckon there’s at least three storeys here!
Scott, you're right, society is doomed, I see that 7m2 flat in Clapton has gone for £90k, dear me.
I thought maybe a hipster-style "Hub for Hot Dogs", but Scott's take seems more apt: A deli for hipster dogs.
I'm afraid that I disappeared down a rabbit hole via the Dogbliss instagram page. Shop opens this coming week. Doggie daycare costs more than you'd get on universal credit.

In other news my mum lived in Beckton, just off Savage Gardens, for the last thirty five years of her life - having managed to buy her first house there, aged 49, after a lifetime of council flats. What came to pass in Beckton, particularly after buy to let became a thing, is quite a sad morality tale. Needs someone like the author of Municipal Dreams to write it up.
I used to work in the office block opposite he American Car Wash over 20 years ago. We were often attracted to the sight of immigration officers raiding the premises. Never seen so many people run so fast in so many directions.
The ground floor of a brand new block of flats near us looked as if it was going to be luxury shops. In fact it's becoming WagWorks, an indoor daycare centre for dogs. A mere £48 a day. I assume the new residents of the flats will be furious.
Savage Gardens (the road) predates Savage Gardens (the group) by more than a century. The current crop of houses on the street replaced a Victorian terrace which was demolished by Newham council around 1980. The LDDC took over planning power and development land ownership in the early 1980s and the new housing was built, though the alignment of the road remained mostly unchanged...just a few added curves at the eastern end to instead of a 90 degree junction.
I believe the group is Savage Garden, without the 's'.
A graffiti covered multi storey car park is wrong on so many levels
Helch seems to have a big presence in W & NW London. They've even left their tag on the side of a wall above some shops in my lowly High Street!
Hopefully the Dog Bakery is not offering Korean specialities.

I like Korean food and am confident that the UK Korean community will not want to offend the RSPCA.
The Dogbliss website does not mention the new premises or give any clue about hub or bakery. I hope you keep us informed about what it turns out to be.
Lunchtime update:
• Abba lights are switched off.
• Hackney Wick barriers still not operational.
• Dogbliss shop not looking like it'll open any time soon.
Here in Southend, we have the Dog Cafe!
Growing up in Leytonstone it never occurred to me how cool and unique the bridges over the A12 actually were. Love them now but ideally we would bury the road these days..

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