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Six names and perhaps a short rationale, thanks (and save any broader thoughts for the main comments box at the end of the post).

Reminder: "London Overground lines are to be named to ensure the Capital's transport system reflects its rich and diverse history."
One has to be called Trainy McTrainface - obviously
Hipster-Wannabe line for Dalston - West Croydon
Gooner-Jagger Highbury & Islington to Richmond
Overground North
Overground East
Overground West
Overground South
Avoids confusion with other geographically named lines & operators
It would be nice if one of the lines could be called the Navvy line to recognize the people who dug the things.
Livingstone II
Johnson II
Khan II

Both confuse and annoy travellers.
A line that goes to or near anywhere connected with any Olympic activity could be called the Olympic Line.
Jean de Menesez, Chris Kaba, Mark Duncan, Damilola Taylor
I meant Mark Duggan
I’m going with:
Personally I’d be happy with letters like the Paris RER. Overground A. Simple.

If we want to signal virtue, perhaps: courage, justice, humanity, temperance, wisdom, and transcendence.

So that is nul points twice.
(Minnie) Lansbury
After his triumphant Glastonbury show, the Elton John Line for the Watford stopper.
How about famous dead musicians associated with London?

(David) Bowie Line
(Amy) Winehouse Line
(George) Michael Line
(Jimi) Hendrix Line
(Freddie) Mercury Line
(Kirsty) MacColl Line
Nil point suggestions:

(Industrial) Revolution Line: Takes the Olympic Opening Ceremony out of Stratford.
(William) Morris Line: Any alternative to Goblin can only be inferior and sit awkwardly.
Huguenot Line: Out of Liverpool Street, because Spitalfields and Bethnal Green.
Brunel Line: H&I to West Croydon etc
(Mary) Seacole Line: Watford-Euston
And Google Bard insists on (Diana) Ross Line for Romford to Upminster.
Wembley Line
Hampstead Line
Shoreditch Line
Barking Line
Bethnal Green Line
Romford Line

I've chosen locations that branches of each line passes through.
Obvious logical/geographic names > nicknames that can pull their weight > new names reflecting marginalised histories. On that basis:

West London line
East London line
Goblin line
Harlequin line
[?] line (Lea Valley)
[?] line (Emerson Park)
A joke version (though they sound more different than letters which are so similar-sounding that they gained alternative names to make them sound less different when saying them over radios), naming after places that they travel through:

Hackney line (Lea Valley)
Haggerston line (East London)
Hampstead line (North London)
Haringey line (Goblin)
Harrow line (Watford DC)
Havering line (Romford-Upminster)

I call my proposal "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha"!

PS: The West Hampstead - Hounslow line proposed would, of course, be the Harlesden line.
Names that could feasibly emerge from the platitudinous hat: Pride, Windrush, Brunel, Diversity, Olympic, King Charles
Aside from the obvious Brunel.

Regent for the North London after the Canal, and Watson for Watford - Eus(t)on
Named after green spaces they pass near by

Heath Line
Oxkey Line
Barking Line
Forest Line
Crystal Line
Emerson Line
Dec line
Flat line
Off line
Dead line
Side line
Border line

Hopefully all fairly self explanatory
Given that the East London line serves New Cross and New Cross Gate, why not call it New Crossrail.
How about using the names of municipal leaders? Morrison, Cutler, Livingstone, Plummer, Johnson? Khan would be a shoe-in for the tiny, pretty useless and irrelevant, Romford - Upminster line.
Combining the beautiful simplicity of the Goblin, with the desired outcome -
The Virsig line
Late to the party, and with zero chance of happening:

CrysCroyClap line
Westfield line (obvious sponsorship opportunity)

keeping other sort of existing names for the DC, Lea Valley and Shuttle
The Old North London could become the Betjeman Line.
Semi-serious predictions, based on the lines' routes

Watford: George Michael (formed Wham while at school in Bushey) or Raheem Sterling (went to school in Wembley)

North/West London: Jack Cohen (started what would become Tesco in Hackney)

East/South London: De Beauvoir (line goes through De Beauvoir Town, which has nothing to do with Simone, but the coincidence is too good not to use)

Goblin: Ford (after the sewing machinists' strike at the Dagenham works, which is close to Barking)

Lea Valley: Cynthia Jarrett (of the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottehnam)

Havering: Billy Ocean (spent part of his childhood in Romford)
I used to work in an office in Basildon, but my job often took me to Romford.

Since I didn't drive then, I found the Push-and-PULL extremely useful, so I won't have you slag it off!
I'd use this opportunity of highlighting the world's endangered species and encourage people to become more climate aware.

Tiger line
Blue Whale line
Giant Panda line
Beluga line
Elephant line
Laquita line

Much nicer than the tired old Brunel, Windrush & other names.
Independence Line-- Concerning dissolution of the empire
Sovereignty Line -- Concerning Hong Kong
Partition Line -- Concerning the terror caused by India's partition upon independence
Republic Line -- needn't say more
Windrush Line -- Obviously
Winds of Change Line --regarding Macmillan's kick-off to African decolonization.
Brexit Line -- Sort of the same idea, right?

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