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The problem is that will always be another Midtown around the corner. The BS merchants must keep on rebranding otherwise they will have nothing to do and their egos must be fed.
To add to the confusion Midtown's publicity said it included Holborn, but Holborn proper is in the City. The so-called Holborn station is half a mile away, at the other end of a separate street called High Holborn.
Formal areas such as parishes (St Andrew, Holborn; St Giles in the Fields; St George's, Bloomsbury) and local authorities (the 1855-1900 district and then 1900-1965 borough of Holborn) have defined boundaries, but these terms are often used with less precision to refer to somewhat amorphous self-identified geographical neighbourhoods with somewhat vague edges. If they are useful, people will use them, and they will evolve an accepted meaning, and if not, they will be forgotten.

The OED has “midtown” being used in Scotland first, then mainly in the US, but they give a citation from the Times in 1988, referring to “an office in the Holborn area, or ‘mid-town’ as it is increasingly being called.”

As I understand it, estate agents have been referring to the ill-defined area lying between the west of the City and the east of the West End as “Midtown” for decades. But that does not mean anyone else should.
yep, commercial real estate types were using mid town pre-2010 to describe anything that wasn't the city and wasn't the west end. But we should never listen to estate agents or we'll all be living in "highgate slopes" (upper holloway) before we know it.

Midtown is particularly bad because it's so bland, commercial and American-sounding.. like calling somewwere Average-city.
I wouldn’t take any notice of an outfit that can't spell fantastic and uses a split infinitive in its bolx.
Didn't the 'Central District Alliance' fight in Afghanistan at one point?

dg writes: No.
Weirdly I only came across this change yesterday as well, doing some research for work. Now as for the Eastern City Partnership...
They should go the extra mile and call it the Central District Metropolitan Jubilee bakerloo alliance.
Is 'Northbank' still clinging on, or has it been put out of its misery too?
Masturbation comes in many forms.
"She's since gone on to form her own business consultancy called Fantasstic Solutions"
I'm getting W1A, Siobhan Sharpe & Perfect Curve vibes here.
They put the 'ass' into 'fantasstic'
So long Midtown. You will be... Well, just be.
Naming should be bottom up not top down. The Baker Street and Waterloo Railway officially became the Bakerloo a few years after opening because that was the popular name for the new line. I suspect then Crossrail would still be Crossrail.
Tass looks very much as I expected someone with the same name as a vintage Russian news agency.
These people think they are far ahead of the curve with all their "problem solving" guff. I have been problem solving since I woke up this morning... where did I put my slippers? FOUND=Problem solved.
Woop! Next in our sights: 'Northbank'.
From the Northbank BID website, I believe its second five year term expires in 2023. But, like the prime minister, they are hoping for a third term.
I did like the free Wednesday lunchtime walks they sponsored with the very knowledgeable Aly Mir leading us all around the area which later also included excursions into Clerkenwell and Farringdon.
Unfortunately Covid put an end to the walks and now I know why they have never returned.

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