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You’ve described well my match day walk from stadium to car since 2006. Being the observant type there was little new to me there but I shall definitely show my daughter who is more of a head down looking at the pavement kind of walker so she can see what she’s missing.
Well this is strange. Sunday you cover an area I live in now and today you cover the borough I spent the first 23 years of my life. I remember swimming at Hornsey Swimming baths and going to the Sobell sports centre for school sports. Strangely enough the architect for the Sobell Centre was Richard Seifert and his daughter was a teacher at my primary school.
I know this stretch well as I cycle along it every day - good post.

To be honest I find most of this section of road pretty dreary - therefore the yellow foam men were a welcome addition when they appeared on roofs and shop frontages earlier this year.

The Sobell Centre reinvention as extreme trampoline park is a tad controversial due to the impact its had on other users (its taking up at least half of the space of main hall) and the council's come in for quite a bit of stick on this.
Grew up in Highbury, attended Drayton Park Primary in early 1950s. We used to trek up to Hornsey Road baths for swimming lessons. So even the 1970s developments would be new to me!
"deserts" is not the only mistake, the first word in the description is "Chaman's" Shoddy work.
Good to see my local area and even my street name checked. A couple of my favourite things about Hornsey Road are the restaurant at the southern end that proudly displays a hygiene award from 1986 now on rather faded and discoloured paper. I also like that the Shaftesbury Harriers Athletics club (one of the best in London) was founded on the corner of Hornsey Road and Fairbridge Road.
The four tower blocks you mention were, I believe, the inspiration or the setting for Nick Hornby's 'A Long Way Down' novel (can't remember exact details, many years since I read it).
Hey, I'm headed to the Emirates this weekend. And, with no disrespect intended, I hope United embarrass Arsenal on Saturday.
>>and what they mysteriously describe as a high-end tattooist

Possibly a tattooist who does shoulders, neck and head? :)
A very good friend of mine used to live just off Hornsey Road, so I was a frequent visitor in the 90s.

We used to do the Sunday night pub quiz in the Plough (on the corner with Tollington Park). It closed down some time ago. I went by fairly recently and it didn't appear to have been converted into a mosque or offices, so perhaps there are three pubs here nobody wants to drink in any more.

& talking of Corbyn, Corbyn Street is just a little further up Hornsey Road from the Plough.
Remarkable sculpture in the last image, do you remember the title and who the sculptor was?

dg writes: Alas, unlabelled.
Minor pedantry - 'Good Omens' is a joint Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett offering. (In my mind because Gaiman has been correcting a lot of media coverage which has been leaving out Pratchett's part of the work!)

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