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Another excellent post DG. Lots to think about. So good I read it twice!
Excellent article. Best wishes.

To start the second stage with a B, “bad vibes”?

Sorry, just realised that bad vibes doesn’t work for the positive scenarios.
Strangely (and honestly) I found I couldn't read this post beyond the "suspicion" section as I had this feeling that I might be tempting fate.
Synonym for 'Suspicion', 'Belief' perhaps. Belief is surely a stage before Confirmation.
In this household we have a phrase we use often when something is wrong- 'why can't life be simple?'
The old saying of, when one door closes,another one slams in your face! is still true,but I hope not for you DG. 😉
Bolstering? Boosting?
How about bemusement?
I'm reminded of the definition of Ely from "The Meaning of Liff".

ELY (n.) - The first, tiniest inkling that something, somewhere has gone terribly wrong.
Suspicion = Bothered (after all, if you were mistaken then it was just one of those things).

Funnily enough or not, I'm currently between stages two and three at the moment, and am doing something about it by taking control of the situation as best possible and making the outcome to my satisfaction. It all started three weeks ago with a bizarre stage two a week later hence the possibility to do this.

I also dreamt about it last night in some detail which is also good sign. It's all fine don't worry!
Is it a coincidence that your flickr picture shows a couple of Clangers?
Irrelevant to your much larger point, but ABCDE - Boding/bodes is in the dictionary versus Suspicion. ATB.
There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is injections for life (but chocolates generally OK). Type 2 generally doesn't need injections, but chocolates may well be counter-indicated.

Just saying. This has little or no bearing on the main point.
1. The UK isn't entirely happy with an 'ever closer' European Union.
2. The UK might actually leave the EU.
3. The public had a vote.
4. We finally have a deal, or do we?
5. Divorce is through, but we still need to get a few things sorted.
I'd vote for replacing "suspicion" with belief, but some view beliefs as suspicions, and some are suspicious of belief.
I've sort of been through stages 1-5 recently health wise but thankfully no bombshells landed. Instead it was good news overall which was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a "day of doom" discussion with the Doctor.

I've done the 1-5 with my last job but I was in control of some of that process as it was (mostly) a voluntary redundancy process. Stages 1 and 2 happened together as a chat with a Director led me to suspect the axe was heading in my direction. Nothing said directly but the meaning was there. Still felt bitter sweet when the inevitable stage 5 moment arrived.
Bewilderment for B?
My mother had a saying for stage 5. “There we are then”. It usually meant - get on with life! Subtext, I can’t help you with this problem and I think you are largely fortunate so don’t grumble.
I still hear her voice, when things unsettle me.
One is put in mind of Douglas Adams's "Three stages", those of Survival, Enquiry and Sophistication, characterised by the questions "How do we eat?" "Why do we eat?" and "Where shall one have dinner?"
And war...
"Retaliation", "Anticipation" and "Sophistication";
"I'm going to kill you because you killed my brother."
"I'm going to kill you because I killed your brother." and
"I'm going to kill you, and then kill my brother on the pretext that your brother did it."
Oh and as for B... the only one I can think of is Brooding.
Is this about the microwave?

dg writes: My microwave broke on Friday. This was posted on Thursday. So, no.

Hope things work out

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