please empty your brain below

Snowball fight in Victoria Park tomorrow, then?
Oh DG!
Awww....sweet Uncle DG!
I'm absolutely convulsed with laughter :)
Excellent, I feel for you.
I feel for you too. No shower eh? I guess you must like it that way.
I moved into my own, solitary, flat last week, and I can't stop wandering from room to room amazed at my good fortune. My first time living alone, and I'm DG's age.
The snow outside looks inviting, but I can't go and explore because I have supervisory responsibilities and nobody else appears to be awake yet.

This must be what it's like to be a parent (but for several years rather than only one day).
Now yesterday's post makes more sense! New bedsheets from John Lewis (for your bed or the window), breakfast shopping at Waitrose, Norfolk schoolgirls at Stratford, lots of backpacks, tidying the house, cleaning behind the door that never usually shuts. What are the other girls doing - going straight home, or staying overnight elsewhere? I guess your visitors may want to explore the retail delights of Westfield before heading home?

I'm surprised you have a spare (bed)room with no bed or curtains. More of a storage area? No visitors during the Olympics?
I just successfully coordinated breakfast by sending a text message to my bedroom.
The 1980s were never like this.
Shall the others of us who sometimes visit arrange to come round soon, to save you having to clean up again? ;)

You do realise that the three who aren't related to you are all in love with you now, don't you?
By the sound of it you ave been very well prepared DG, does this mean you will welcome visitors more often? Made me smile the texting for breakfast . My DD as moved to a 3 storey rented house and does this for my grandsons when she needs to get in touch. Saves shouting
The place is my own again, and the girls have left my bedroom as if they were never there.
So, erm, yes, probably again sometime.
If this had happened in February would the mystery count have reached four ?
I like the idea of texting your bedroom.
My thoughts exactly PoP.
I laughed out loud and yesterday's post makes sense now. At least you won't have to clean for a while.

Teenager v middle aged-such difference species.
LOL I think I understand now how my grand uncle must have felt when I and a teenage friend descended on him overnight once for a concert in Croydon in the 1980s! The poor man just didn't understand why we weren't up for breakfast with him at 7am the next morning! :D
Glad it was a success. I think eveyone should have a bachelor uncle. I know my kids love spending time alone with their one. And secretly I think he enjoys it just as much.
Well if you are contemplating doing it again for pity sake get a shower fitted.You will never understand how you managed without it
Oh I sympathise with you. I have never lived alone, but when my husband was away I had a friend to stay over. I couldn't get in the bathroom when I wanted and it felt like my space was invaded. Texting the bedroom was a brilliant idea, you wouldn't want to go in unannounced would you.
what a delightfull little story ( and all the comments ) brightened up my lunchtime no end. thx DG.
Heartwarming story - I always enjoy reading about your interactions with others!
I have also lived alone for a long time and it was scary how similar your experience of suddenly having rare visitors sounded familiar. Very amusing.
Oh come on.... This was just a dress rehearsal for the London Open House weekend wasn't it?


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