please empty your brain below

It used to be a rule of thumb, one hour's filming for one minute of used footage.
The only advantage I can see to the Sadiq Khan approach is better relations with the media because they get to know each other more, but it is a poor return regards faff vs coverage.

Perhaps the Boris Johnston tactic of 'do some camera friendly gimmick and clear off' makes more sense now.
All that effort and some of us only listened to the radio reports!
...and one of us, at least, only read DG's report.
It would have been more interesting for the media to focus on the actual vehicles. I haven't seen anything giving details.
I'm imagining that plain clothes police officer taking several photos of DG with his secret buttonhole camera and adding them to an extensive file on this mysterious man who keeps showing up in the back of events.
I was surprised to find that Tessa Jowell Boulevard wasn’t a joke.
Off to scour iPlayer for background footage of DG gurning at the camera with his giant 'Hello Dad!' sign
It should really have been a row of knackered 2005 cars and vans that happen to be compliant - for all those complaining about it being a war on the working classes. "I bought this one for three hundred quid!!!!"
Considering how polluted the air is now and remembering the leaded exhaust fumes from the 1970s/1980s (especially from buses), I shudder to think how bad it was back then!

Does anyone else remember coming home from a day in central London with black snot in their nose?!Never happens now.
Cornish Cockney, yes!
But that was with stream trains...

As an older man, Sadiq is still kind of hot. He can leave the BBC to last because it knows it has to stay there whereas other media teams might get bored and leave.
Don't know about black snot, but I used to come home from work with really bad hay fever, thanks to the pollution. And that was followed by asthma, as I got older. Haven't had that for the past two years, thankfully
I see that ITV's one minute burst is headlined "Sadiq Khan refuses to role out further expansion", which should be "roll out" (and the article's text says "rule out", which isn't quite the same thing!)
The plain clothes police officer observation made me chuckle. If you think how many salaries were milling around waiting for that minute soundbyte then that's expensive footage!
I still get black snot from the deep-level Tube (or at least, I did when I used to use it, BC).
I saw the coverage on BBC News from a different reporter at a different location, and I wondered why they needed two different reports.
Perhaps the Mayor simply thinks being thorough and painstaking is a better way of doing things than bursting in and then diasppearing.
"leaded exhaust fumes from the 1970s/1980s (especially from buses"

London's buses didn't use leaded petrol.
Air pollution comes in many forms. Some is immediately evident (black snot, smelly fumes, fog etc). Some is only evident in statistical data, and the victims will never know what got them.
There is a bit of overlap, of course. But much of the most harmful stuff (e.g. particulates) does not show itself.

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