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I think you must be right about the one-day thing, I set out to walk the whole thing in a day three or four years back. Got to Arnos Grove, lost the river, saw a bus with my home's name written on it and caved in!
I've done the whole thing in a day and I wouldn't advise it - not because it's too strenuous or anything like that, but because I missed out on a lot of the features and points of interest that DG has brought to life here.

I was considering a walk tomorrow afternoon and the reminder that it's the 400th anniversary has sealed my choice. Sadler's Wells to Palmers Green it is. Thanks DG.
Yet another interesting walk to add to my "I want to do that" list!

If anyone wants to see how the New River location relates to the surrounding towns and villages, I'd recommend the Cassini Historical maps (online or from bigger book/map shops). They are the one-inch Ordnance Survey maps in Landranger size.

Two maps cover the route:
166 London and Hertford – from the source to north of Enfield
176 West London – north of Enfield to New River Head at Islington
Because of the way the maps overlap, 177 (East London) contains all of the river as shown in 176, except for the western tip of the meander near Bounds Green.

The Old Series is from around 1805-1834 and as a consequence generally shows no railway lines or most of the roads that are the features on later maps that help to identify a location. However, it does mean that the maps are less cluttered and makes the path of the river easier to follow.
I think I'm probably a 5 day person! Added to my list too, thanks.
I'd like to do this walk as I've lived near some of those places and it would be interesting as well as nostalgic. But, honestly, I expect it to go on my list of things-I'll-do-when-I-have-time-and-someone-to-bully-me-into-it. I'll mention it to my brother, though, as he's more likely to do it and may even be the bully I need!

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