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25 You posted that Wikipedia list on Twitter and it's extraordinary. I could spend a lifetime reading through it.
12. I’m glad I’ve got Mastodon as an alternative
19. The driver probably thought you give a salute to everything.
25: Amazing!
27: I am thinking trampoline party. Very unexpected, potentially tempting but only five years ago.
30: Cheers!
31. We've now got a 'perfect 10' from long-term New Zealand resident Muzzar.
16. Nice cat. Nice church too.
23. Oh dear, another birthday coming up soon? 😉
You are still a little young for these holes in your memory though. Start to worry when you forget to put on your shoes and wander off in your carpet slippers.

2. Regarding your squelchy boots day, we’ve often noticed that hikers tend to put on protective plastic “overshoes” when entering cafes or pubs or failing that a couple of plastic bags! 🥾🥾🥾
21. Not sure a text message is a legal way of notifying an increase in rent, unless it's followed up by a more formal communication along the prescribed lines.
6 - I don't think it's meant to be LOL funny, just amusing at best. It's meant to be more along the lines of Ghosts (though less good, admittedly) where either you care about the characters or you turn it off. It's quite sweet, in the end; but not everyone's cup of tea.
18 Would you mind sharing the title? Our London visits have become so rare that I will jump at any daydreaming fix I can get.
26. RAF Museum much improved after refurb just pre-pandemic, was a sorry sight before that, so waiting was the right move. Also: Brooklands if you/BestMate have not been (longish walk from nearest station to the "car" entrance, and then more walking).

dg writes: been there, done that together.
6. I only needed to see the endless trailers once to know it would be dreadful. Rhys Darby, say no more.

Still, the iPlayer thinks I might like it despite my skipping their trailers every time. I wish there was some intelligence in the app that recognised what sort of trash you skipped the trailers for and never darkened your screen with them again. I'm convinced it actually does the opposite just to taunt me. But I may be paranoid.
26 Did a quick search on your blog and Shuttleworth came up with nothing. So that's another aircraft one to visit. Extra points for it being a museum where all the planes are airworthy and flown ... a flyday there is one of the few times you can see a pre WW1 aircraft take to the air - albeit for a quick runway length hop.
25. Thank you!
No.25 Kowloon Walled City, 50,000 people crammed in there!!!
15. I would probably ride through too in such circumstances, though going slowly past the other occupant of the tunnel and contriving an air of "I know the rules say not but really, what would be the point?".
6 - I long for the day when I can tell iPlayer 'tried it, didn't like it, so no thanks.' My 'continue watching' bar is so untidy.
11 - I've added visit the poppy exhibition to my things to do list
16 - rather like the ginger cat
29 - I wondered what the outcome was regards the moral dilemma,as someone with a fear of dogs
9. '[my local council] Libraries will be officially joining The Library Consortium (TLC) next month - from late January/February 2023....The Library Management System will also be upgraded, giving library users easy and accessible ways to use our library services as well as new customer interfaces.'
In the meantime, since the beginning of December, the existing online catalogue and renewal services have not been working! And the libraries don't seem to link together as before, to update a central catalogue if you return a book to a different library from the one where you borrowed it.
6 - on the iPlayer homepage (on web at least), the Continue Watching section has a 'Manage Full List' option. Go on that, and it will remove the episode from Continue Watching.

17 - maybe Tom will be doing a piece later - sometimes they film pieces in advance. Or perhaps he was just on a trip out :)

23 - phew!
6: I'm enjoying it but now feel that I shouldn't be.
15 - I find the Woolwich foot tunnel quite sinister, I'm not sure I'd want it to myself...
20 - I assume you weren't filmed, so we won't get to see what you look like!
26 - That's most surprising, especially as it's free and really easy to get to if you live in London. I also visited the other RAF museum in Cosford last year.
30. Ah, the Count returns. I'm guessing the Mystery count will be zero.
26. Spoil Best Mate and have a day out at RAF Cosford. Infinitely better from the gate guard VC10 and Nimrod onwards.

dg writes: been there, done that.
6- Andrew Bowden got in just before me. I was also going to say that iPlayer on the web gives you more options.

9 - My local libraries have now abolished fines. I get that it helps people who are less well off, but it also appears to mean that some people hold on to books I'd been wanting to borrow for longer.
6. Oh dear! I have yet to start watching it. At least I can just delete the recordings if necessary.

8. Secrets of Blogging - fab idea for a new feature!

13. Someone wasn't having a good Friday 13th!

16. Cat picture!!!

21. You're lucky - it's quite rare for rent not to be automatically raised every renewal.

22. Price rises are bad enough but an unexpected package shrinkage left me without enough items in the packet to provide us all with dinner recently!

29. Despite the dog, I presume you were too much f a gentleman to leave her sitting there!
9. City of London libraries are having a fines amnesty for 2 weeks from 11th February, even for items that are long overdue.
1 Wood Green station was similarly afflicted. My commute only aligns with the inbound cohort which avoids the assumed excesses of the homeward crew

4 I wonder how high the regular occupancy is for the flats, so many seem to be left vacant as safety deposit boxes

5 That's cool, I hope you will you be buying a copy, but that assumes you have access to a record player

28 pissing off your upstairs neighbour is a terrible idea, the opportunity for retaliation is too simple. Might I suggest you take up hobnailed boot tapdancing for the week to remind people of etiquette
20 So glad you can
10 - of course you were. Where else would anyone have expected you to be.
17 - I met Tom a few years ago, strolling through a north Herts village with a Sunday paper under his arm. I concluded that he probably lived locally.
18 - obscure: it would be of interest to know which 'psychogeographical London book' this refers to.
20 - noted that you could 'exclusively reveal' but, unless I've missed it, you haven't.
25 - terrific stuff, thanks.
1. They do often have those card readers enabled when there are big crowds for events at the Palace, so they can open the gate to let people straight up the hill without going through the ticket office
6. Daughter insisted I watched it with her: Tastes may vary, and it does start very slowly, but Con O'Neill as Blackbeard’s first mate is a treat, and some of the turns – like Greg Kinnear – are full value.
You haven't mentioned kingfishers lately. If you haven't seen any and miss them from the QEOP, I understand that there have been sightings, this week, at Kelsey Park at Beckenham
12: You probably already also use it but is (for now) arguably a better client than the app now, always chronological and quite good for adding different topics / users to follow (I have your automated blog handle as one of these!) though I only recently realised you can turn off auto play GIFs to avoid an annoying behaviour on iOS.
21. Guess it was better to be jolted awake with a landlord text than to be jolted by the size of the rent increase. Small mercy, I realize.

26. Like BestMate, I am an aviation enthusiast, so thanks for potential places to visit when I head back over the Pond in a couple of months.
26. Not just those northwest of London. I went on a school trip from Gillingham (Kent). Probably junior school, but so long ago that I'm not sure. Definitely not cubs, as I was never in them.
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27: My experience is that years from now you will feel how wrong you were today
24. That is a Very Nice picture of the canal at Banbury.
16. That photo of the church and the cat has leapt into my Top 20 Most Favourited Flickr Photos Of All Time, so thanks for that.
There was a mini earthquake on the day that Leicester won the Premier League in 2016 believe it or not
27: I can't speak the language/But the choices that I've let/Pass me by and now regret/I can't forget/They're haunting me/Like a score of unpaid debts

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