please empty your brain below

Lovely story yesterday about how a jousting accident at Greenwich Palace turned our 'enery in to the psychopathic tyrant we know and love.

How did a bewigged teapot impersonator standing in front of the self-service food machine beamed down from The Red Dwarf get into your picture of the Tudor Painted Hall?

Bina: It looks like a carboard cutout?

Yup, it's a cardbord (or equivalent) cutout. Presumably it's meant to add character to the room. Or to wreck photographs.

I am ammassing such a lot of things for the kids to do on our annual pilgrammage to the grandparents in London! I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog last month!

Both of the city links point to Placentia, NFLD. Here's one for Placentia, CA:

dg writes: oops, cut and paste error, fixed, ta.

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