please empty your brain below

Now, will you be making a certain tube journey with a stopwatch today I wonder?

And do you count 'wrong' or 'incorrectly'? (I'm sure someone will be along who knows the definitive answer...)

And most ingenious where that [cough] is hosted. Can't get anyone there, can they?

You are right

there, I have spoken

Over ground the shortest is definately Charring X to Embankment. On the tube they have made the stations much further appart, I would even go as far as to say you walk further undergroud to the platforms than you would just walking down the road let alone the actuall tube journey.

The current LU Working Timetables show CG-LQ as .26KM and CX-EB as .27KM

On the cough map, the distance beteen Charring X and Embankment is 0.16 on Northern v 0.23 on Bakerloo. I have only every made that journey once (free off the boat) and it was on Nrthn. I too believe the sum of the distance from surface to platform at both stations is probably greater than the surface to surface distance.

i thought at one point you wrote a comparison of the time walking between charing cross and embankment vs. taking the tube. or am i thinking of somewhere else?

wherever i read it, walking was faster.

dg writes: You remember correctly, but I made the journey on the Bakerloo, not the Northern.

Did you know that on my site, if you *cough* for long enough - ooh, say about ... 30 seconds, a nice surprise turns up.

BW - I count wrongly (all the time) but incorrectly wouldn't be wrong.

The Jubilee line from Southwark to Waterloo takes about 30 seconds, and the distance is given as 0.44km, but they are the newest tracks on the underground, so they should be fast.

How dare someone criticize you?! It's unthinkable!

I got my reply into this week's Time Out!

I can assure Russell Mills that the tube journey from Charing Cross to Embankment is only the second-shortest on the network, at least according to TfL's official distance figures. But he has highlighted what is almost certainly the tube's most unnecessary one-stop journey - a five minute subterranean trek via the Northern line compared to a mere two minute stroll down Villers Street.

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