please empty your brain below

Timely post, DG. I was just thinking last night: I would like to ask DG if he ever feels trapped by his blog.

So - do you?


But I suspect DG doesn't give the people the excuses stated, because I doubt all those people asking are bloggers he knows... People only ask so many times, don't they?

DG - make no apologies. A successful evening of Life Admin is so satisfying...

The fourth bullet point in your list.
Please don't decline on our behalf.
I'm sure we'd all happily wait for that report about Imperial Wharf station!!!!

My suspicion is that point four and Imperial Wharf Station are linked... Like THAT...

I'd say something only you know it already.

DG does it so we don't have to.

There's just too much paperwork. Looking forward to your report on that Kingsway thing!

i occasionally take days off work to do my man-min... and then that frees up other time to go out exploring london and surrounds...

and go to the pub on a friday night... :D...

"Life Admin" - great term!

Somebody actally says to you "I think we should meet for sex right now"???


DG, please don't pass up offers for sex on our account. We can wait a day to see your comments about the Imperial Wharf rail station!

What was it Roy Castle once sung "Dedicationnnnnnn, thats what you need..."

DG, you have that in spades son.

But, I'm with Josh on this one...

Since you're not going out, has Becks' share price fallen recently?

B..b..but if you get a life then what am I going to read??!!

I did wonder where on earth you found the time to do quite so much online....

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