please empty your brain below

Dodgy Geezer! Love it!

Complimentary versus complementary.

Bad mistake.

Well, after so many times it might be the case that some people actually HAVE read your blog and are sending you messages just for the fun of it...

I got the Todmorden Curve one too. I feel less special now.

There is one good thing about these emails, you get the odd blog post out of them.

Is it wrong that I immediately searched Google for Todmorden curve?

Maybe you should take out one of those super injunctions.

I know exactly what you mean about PR guff, but, the <major London store> promo is a worthy cause.

dg writes: Worthy cause or not, it's a no.

Your email spam has made my day. Reading my favorite blog, mainly about the town of my birth and reading if only a passing mention about a town where I lived for 9 years and which bring back very fond memories.

But the Dogdy one might have been about kittens ...

You are totally deluded if you think <major London store> gives a shit about the oceans.

Also you could dedicate your blog to not accepting these cheap promo shots and you'd still get requests from these brain-dead morons.

I dunno, I thought the North London <Street Art> walk looked as if he knew you maintained an events list. Unless it was dumb luck, or there were other, worse, bits you haven't shown us, or both.

(and this commenting software really needs a preview button)

Did you not get...

"Hi [blogger]

We thought your readers should hear about [London Magazine] launching their brand new Deals platform - hand-picked experiences uniquely for the [London Magazine] audience."

Or is that what May 18th was about?

No, I didn't get the [London Magazine] Deals email. Excellent, somebody's listening.

I have a confession to make DG.

I'm a member of the group that organised the North London >street art< Walk, and some time ago I suggested that it might be worth including you on the mailing list for events, which is why Reuben will have emailed you. I've been enjoying your blog for a while now and, having seen (non-commercial) events advertised on the blog in the past, I thought you wouldn't mind. (If that was the full text of the email though, I'm not surprised it came across as the typical sort of spam you receive on a daily basis).

We're only a small voluntary organisation, and certainly not a commercial one, and when we've organised similar community events recently we've had a fair amount of interest from the BBC, South London Press etc., so I thought you might be interested too.

But if not, no problem, I'll get you taken off the mailing list.


Sorry Pete, but whether it's a local voluntary organisation or a multinational company my rule's the same - an email means no publicity.

That can be a bit brutal, but it means the content of my blog (and the list in the sidebar) is always my choice, not somebody else's.

Rest assured I do try to keep my eyes open for stuff that's going on around London, including North London <Street Art> walks or whatever.

Fair enough DG, I completely understand; one of the reasons I keep reading this blog is the lack of commercial influences and the clearly evident personal touch, unlike many of the other London-based sites/blogs one could mention.

I'll make sure you're taken off the list so you don't get hassled again.

And no mention at all of my own non-spam request : (

... for help, that is

It's also worth investigating the scandalous underuse of the Halton Curve while you're at it.

Yeh, but what about the Bacon Curve? After your site visit you could check out Felixstowe. I've never got round to visiting, what with it being quite a way away, and having pesky children. Felixstowe appears to have a beach, a pier, a fort, and ferry services to both Harwich, and Bawdsey. It sounds great, when can we have a report? (I'm not employed by anybody involved in the the promotion of Felixstowe, honest).

I came here to comment that your reponse to Reuben's quite sensible and reasonable e-mail seemed rather harsh.

Then I read your " an email means no publicity. That can be a bit brutal, but it means the content of my blog (and the list in the sidebar) is always my choice, not somebody else's. " rule

That's just daft. If that's the rule then the choice of what goes in your blog isn't your choice. Your selection is limited to those organisations who haven't e-mailed you.

I hope the the Olympic Organising Committee never invite you to anything, since that would presumably mean no Olympic coverage. Could TfL cut off your coverage of railway issues, by inviting you to a railways issues cheese and wine?

Hmmm, perhaps there's money in settng up a business where companies pay me to pretend to be representing their rivals. The Barbican could ensure that the South Bank centre never gets any mentions.

11th June, and I've just had another email from Reuben. Just to prove these people don't listen.

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