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Unusually for 2018, it looks to be available only on Apple devices...
I use Fancy Free Walks, and download their gpx files.
@colly405 Searching for Go Jauntly in Google Play store brings up a link to Good Things Derby site devoted to walks in in the town. It does have a link to Go Jauntly so maybe this is a test app prior to appearing generally on android.

DG, couldn't agree more about curating which seems to becoming a blight everywhere.
Grinds teeth..curate...onboarding...gnash gnash.
I see that some of the comments on the Jauntly website are from a year ago so this can't be new.

dg writes: Launched April 2017.
Considering the diversity of nationalities in London, is using the word 'Jauntly' that inclusive?, its not the most widely used word in the English language, and seems to indicate the background and values of the person that came up with the idea.

How many of the 'just about managing' would this have appealed to, as opposed to those who are fit and active already?
@Still Anon It''s not even a word is it? So it doesn't really matter. No-one knows what it means.
Oh, you can imagine the meeting. "Go" implies movement, and that is good, with a sideways reference to Pokemon Go. A "jaunt" is a fun thing, and "jauntly" resembles both "jaunty" and "jauntily" with a letter added or removed. Jauntly sounds a bit like jointly, as walking can be a social activity too. The "ly" is one of those typical app suffixes, like "io", or "r". Go Jauntly.

I bet we can guess some alternatives. "MyWalkr" or "GoStrollio" perhaps. Perhaps they both exist already. And perhaps "Jauntly" too, without the "go".
Another excellent post from DG!

According to the 1954 edition of Collins Dictionary of the English Language (a 628 page pocket book), given to me by an aunt for passing my 11+:

Jaunt: n, - short pleasurable excursion. v.t. - to make one.

Jaunty: a. - sprightly; - briskly, pleased with life. - jauntily - adv.

Perhaps the smell checker was not working ...
Of course, the other way to select a walk is to to pick a route from a Mk1 OS Map..
Shame it's not available for Android.
Was going to try it out on the next Capital Ring section to see how it compares to View Ranger.
Do people remember jaunting from the Tomorrow People in the 70's. Now that would be fun.
"The walks are of variable quality." Sounds like they need, erm, curating?
I have to say that 'Jauntly' puts me more in mind of Jaundice than Jauntiness
Agreed: it's not a word.
Er, I haven't got a smart phone, only an ordinary moron mobile, so where can I get paper copies of these walks?

dg writes. You can't, obviously, it's an app.
(but the Capital Ring and Jubilee Walkway are available as pdfs via the links in the text, and they're excellent)

@JohnB, I was just coming to say that!
GoGauntly - the post-brexit app for hungry desperate people to take safe routes to the empty supermarket without being mugged for their tin of rations on the way back home.
Do not go jauntly into that good night...
A great account which seems to me to include a good summary of some of the app's weaknesses, but also pays proper attention to its strengths as well. Many of the bad bits may well be avoided in the future, if not by this app then by future competitors.

It's good to be reminded that many innovations like this are neither as wonderful as they claim, nor a load of rubbish, but just a promising mixture.
Sounded bearable until I found out you had to go through I-Tunes; if Apple are involved then it's a no from me...
I don’t know if it’s still on the App Store because the creator was bought out, but there is a great app called Detour which is similar but in podcastesque form.

There’s lots but two particularly good ones are the one about the creation of the first police forces in Tower Hamlets by a former police officer and one by a former civil servant in Westminster. The narration is full of interesting stories.

The geolocation element seems useless but it really makes it easier to look around and take in what it’s telling you as the guidance is so good.

You can also sync with other people so you’re all hearing the same stories at the same time
And the very next day, TfL publishes a press release about Go Jauntly: [press release]

They're excited about the "Walking Map", an in-app feature which'll give you directions to any tube/DLR/Overground station from where you are now.

It's quite clever, and seems to work well. But Citymapper does much the same thing, so you won't need both apps.

Although the press release claims that "TfL's walking map is still downloadable from as well as being part of the Go Jauntly app", I can't find anything vaguely comparable on the website.
My favourite thing about the CityMapper walk directions is that they follow OpenStreetMap’s routing system, which means that if back alley routes, or paths through the park, are suitable or not suitable for walking, you can add or remove them from the router. This can be hugely useful.

Go Jauntly seems to be using Google Maps walk routes which makes it both inferior to City Mapper and also redundant.
Intriguingly, Go Jauntly have liked this post on Twitter, despite it not being entirely positive.

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